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Harvey Reginald Specter is a name partner in one of New York Cities biggest law firms and he didn’t get to the top by letting people walk all over him, no he’s a winner, and he knows it, he’s the best closer in the city, but you don’t become the best closer in the city by being a looser, and you don’t become a winner without dressing like you’ve won the game before the game has even started.

So how exactly can we dress like a winner?

Well first you’ve to believe you are one. A man wears the suit never the other way around, you need to fill the suit and carry it like armour into battle. The guys at A Hand Tailored Suit can help you pick the right suit, and get it fitting perfectly so you’ll always be on your game when you’ve to go iron out a wrinkle or close a deal.

So the first real notable aspect of Harvey’s wardrobe is the colour pallet, its all black, navy or grey, he’s a corporate lawyer and needs to dress accordingly, and 50% of being stylish is know when to wear certain outfits. His suits are all tailored to fit him perfectly, we could nitpick and argue his trousers flare a little to much for a modern man like Mr.Specter and his shoe game needs improving. But back to the suits.

Pinstripes and peak lapels are a huge weapon of choice, and they play a much bigger roll than just looking sharp. The pinstripe will make you look taller while a nice wide peak lapel will also make you appear wider. So when it comes to strong arming the opposing council looking bigger and badder helps.

SUITS — “Enough Is Enough” Episode 411 — Pictured: Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter — (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

Grey is a very corporate colour as it tends to show signs of stability, self-assurance and solidness leading your clients to trust your judgement. This beautiful light grey suit with peak lapels and the added touch of the ticket pocket is defiantly something you won’t find on the high-street and you’ll need to go into the guys at A Hand Tailored Suit and get one that fits you and your needs to close the deal.

You’ll see a lot of navy and blues in Harvey’s closet and there is good reason behind this too, this three piece is not only practical for a formal office or courtroom its beautiful and fits his character well again sticking to the wide peak lapels a touch of styling leaving the last button of the waistcoat undone, but blues and navy tones do more than look great in the closet of the cities best closer, it is a strategic choice. Blue tones represent authority and that’s one thing Harvey has by the truck load, blue also represents trust, loyalty and dependability, all traits we see in Harvey. And when you’ve gone to A Hand Tailored Suit and picked a colour that speaks like that and you’ve the sharp tongue to match, that’s how you win and no win situation.

The only other colour you’ll see Harvey in is black, black represents power, elegance, authority and dominance, all things you need to have if you want to be like Harvey. To have a huge corner office with vintage vinyl wall to wall and a collection of sports cars to make even James Bond wish he was a hot shot corporate layer.

So top tips on being just like Harvey (no law degree required)

  1. Go to A Hand Tailored Suit, pick out some nice Grey, Navy and Black three piece suits with nice wide peak lapels.
  2. Always play the man. reading people is 50% of life battle complete, dressing better than them helps.
  3. Use charm and a smile to compliment your perfectly tailored suit. It will open a lot of doors and close a lot of deals.
  4. Get yourself a Donna, No Harvey is complete without Donna.
  5. And last, believe you’re the best than be the best, and WIN.

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