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House of Gucci: The Fashion Rundown So Far

The excitement for new film releases continues as we're delighted by the official trailer for Ridley Scott's new film "House of Gucci". Its star lineup includes singer and actress Lady Gaga starring as Patrizia Reggiani and fellow actor Adam Driver starring as the once-head of the Gucci fashion house, Maurizio Gucci. The film is based on the book titled "The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed" as written by author Sara Gay Forden, and covers the assassination of Maurizio Gucci, husband of Patrizia Reggiani who, in 1995, ordered the hit herself against her ex-husband.

Whilst we patiently await the release of the film in U.K cinemas on the 26th November 2021, teasers and images have been released in the build-up from the cast on set to behind-the-scenes shots - and it certainly appears we are in for a treat with the fashion worn in the film through the work of costume designer, Janty Yates.

Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) and Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) were married from 1972 to their divorce in 1994, as the film covers their life and the build-up to Maurizio Gucci's assassination. In this on-set photo of Adam Driver and Lady Gaga, the luxurious fashion is already shown through their chosen winter holiday destination attire. Adam Driver's cream knit is a ribbed roll neck, knitted with a variety of patterns which are symmetrical either side of the centre front. With ribbed cuffs too and loose under the armholes, it's a chunky knit design which remains a vintage classic, worn with what looks to be his white skirt suit with vertical zips on the pockets.

Lady Gaga's all black with gold details and furry white hat is one to resemble her socialite status Patrizia Reggiani had. Her black knit cardigan shows the shoulders to be gathered slightly and create more shape, whilst the high collar is heavily accessorised with the gold and pearl accents of her jewellery, both necklaces and earrings. Gold buttons are the fastenings down the front, and her trousers made with side pockets with her gold buckle belt adding more sophistication.

From the snowy mountaintops to the blue skies above, we see another behind-the-scenes shot of Lady Gaga wearing a stunning floral lace wrap or shawl over a matching floral lace dress, cut with a straight line on the bodice and appearing to be knee-length. The lace is mounted onto an ivory lining, whilst the accessorising of her black clutch bag and gold buckle belt continue the luxury of the fashion the actress will be wearing throughout the film.

The Gucci dress seen here worn by Lady Gaga during one of the scenes is one very much associated with the house, as its logo makes up for the main print of the cloth. With a brown leather placket placed down the centre front and matching cuffs on the long-sleeve dress, its look is heightened through the brown fur coat draped over her shoulders, the subtle show of the soft curved collar exposed here: just one of the fur coats she wears in the film, as below she wears a lighter brown version (not draped) over a knee-length red wrap dress, finished with gold buttons and a V-neck.

 Embed from Getty Images

 No doubt there shall be some eye-catching pieces of tailored suits to keep an eye out for in the film - from watching the trailer there definitely shall be - but a classic coat never goes amiss in this film neither. Here, Lady Gaga is pictured wearing a brown, grey and black check coat with the matching belt tie fastened and secured for an extra tailored fit on the waist. The pockets are buttoned down, angled but pattern-matched well. Sleeve belts are included at the end of the sleeves whilst it seems a rounded collar is at the top of the coat with epaulettes too. It's a more decorative style coat with trench coat features, much like the one Adam Driver wears, with the exception of his being more a simple yet classic choice of a tan trench coat. Wide notch lapels are highly noticeable on his, with a very sharp collar folded over and the accompanying shoulder epaulettes and sleeve belts. His belt tie is tied behind the back, designed with the storm flap near the top too: classic features for a classic trench coat, whilst underneath he wears a brown and blue vertically striped jumper with a light blue shirt underneath.

Embed from Getty Images

Playing the former head of the Gucci house, a tailored suit or more is expected in the film and certainly does Adam Driver wear a sharp navy tailored blazer here. Some of the jacket's features includes classic notch lapels and a double vent on the back for the day-to-day practical wear, along with a two-button front and flapped pockets. The buttons in question are gold, highlighting the position of his character of a businessman too. The jacket has a curved front into the hem, leading into his grey trousers with a centre crease and the wide hem brushing his buckled loafers. The shirt of choice looks to be a check blue style, slight spread in the collar for the brown/blue tie of choice, definitely an attire to look for in the film no doubt, as well as this pinstripe jacket with sharp wide peak lapels - very much one to look out for.

 Of course there are more tailored costumes to look out for in the film, some worn by other famous faces in the film industry and one of those being fellow actor Jeremy Irons playing Rodolfo Gucci (or as he may be known by his stage name, Maurizio D'Ancora), father to Maurizio Gucci. Below it shows Jeremy Irons' character wearing a camel brown jacket with noticeable wide notch lapels and the subtle hint of a pocket square folded in the pocket square. His single-breasted camel waistcoat is finished in the famous Gucci logo, a pocket just spotted in the bottom left and the actor wearing a silky blue cravat woven with red and light blue accents. 

Included in the cast for the film is actor Jared Leto, starring in the role of Paolo Gucci, who was a designer and vice president of the Gucci house, also known for his help into designing the iconic Gucci logo. Here, actor Jared Leto is pictured wearing a dark blue windowpane check jacket with a slight green undertone, wearing a white rose in the peak lapel buttonhole. His tie looks to be a black and gold patterned piece, fastened in-between the tall collar on his wide-striped white shirt with red stripes. No doubt this check jacket shall be one to keep an eye out for too in the film, as a check pattern jacket is always popular.

 Another name to note down starring in the film is fellow actor and filmmaker, Al Pacino. Pacino is to play Aldo Gucci, famously the son of the Gucci founder, Guccio Gucci and who chaired the house from 1953 to 1986 - to which his style is one signifying his power. Below, the actor is pictured wearing a navy blue jacket and waistcoat (presumably a matching three-piece) with the bright red pocket square a strong accessory. The notch lapels are wide and the waistcoat designed with lapels also as the blue shirt's collar just touches the lapel fold line. The tie is a knitted midnight blue choice, all the suit's details kept plain but his character's presence will create a stand-out tailored costume choice, as we expect all the costumes in the films to be.

Take a look at the trailer for "House of Gucci" starring actors including Lady Gaga and Adam Driver below, set to be released in U.K cinemas on 26th November 2021! What other fashions of the film catch your eye?

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