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How To Accessorise Your New Bespoke Suit

Investing into a perfectly tailored and brand new bespoke suit is a feeling like no other, whether it be for your wedding or formal occasion, a new work suit, or you've ordered a mix-and-match set. The sharp cut and crisp edges of the suit can be sharp enough to wear on their own and definitely capture the attention of others; however, a few accessories here and there never goes amiss.

"How do I accessorise my new bespoke suit?" we hear you ask. Ladies and gentlemen, whether you're new to the daily suiting wardrobe or you fancy to spruce up your regular tailored attire, we've put together a quick guide of the accessories that work splendidly with suits, shirts and coats, items that will surely inspire you when planning your weekly attire.

Pocket Squares


The pocket square has, and will continue to be, such a classic and timeless accessory that sits in the welt pocket of a jacket or coat. It's an easy way to add a pop of colour to your outfit, using either the matching lining to give a sneak peek of what the jacket interior will show, or having a separate pocket square to mix and match throughout the week. It can be kept plain or patterned, the style preference and how you fold it is completely down to you.

It's also up to you whether you match it with your tie.

Ties and Cravats

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Whether your tie preference is narrow or wide, or you are more of a bow tie person, a tie is always a great accessory and can work strongly own its own, depending on the design. Whether silk, satin, woollen, having a tie matching your suit fabric makes indeed for a very cohesive look.

If you want to decorate your tie even more, a tie clip goes such a long way. It transforms the tie to something even more dapper, whilst also keeping it in place to ensure you look your absolute sartorial best.

Of course, cravats are also an option if you so choose, and they look extremely sharp when styled with a bespoke wedding suit. They bring an element of luxury and class to the suit, and they look even better with a cravat pin of your choosing.


Lapel Pins

Notch, peak or shawl lapel, these three styles can look sharp on their own through a bespoke cut; but a subtle lapel pin or a beautiful floral boutonnière work wonders on this feature. A boutonnière is a common accessory for weddings and, depending on the season in which you are getting married, one can be chosen to match. It could be your significant other's favourite flower you wear on the lapel too, capturing the essence of your special wedding.

A boutonnière isn't always for daily wear, so a lapel pin of a metallic finish will do the job perfectly. Wear it against a matte cloth so it can capture the attention of the light so casually, or accessorise against a cloth with a subtle sheen to really heighten the glitz and glamour of the attire. Pair with a collar pin to really create a cool look.

 Pocket Watches and Waistcoat Chains

But what will you choose: a timeless pocket watch, or a dapper waistcoat chain? Both are sublime choices.

Both have been timeless accessories within a tailored attire. Waistcoat chains are a brilliant choice if you want that touch of dapper and coolness added to your tailored attire. The functional pocket watch was used daily and were commonplace; but now, they are seen as a quirky accessory and very cool indeed for 1920's themed weddings. 

Think Thomas Shelby from "Peaky Blinders" and, if you are indeed a "Peaky Blinders" fan, you'll want this accessory for your suit.



 Trouser belts are not everyone's preference when it comes to holding trousers up, so braces (or suspenders) are here to do the job. They look official too as they attached to the trouser waist and hook over the shoulders, round to the back. Just like belts, they can be adjusted to ensure they aren't tight on the shoulders or aren't holding the trousers too high/too low.

But from a sartorial style point of view, they can look very suave.


If you're wearing a double cuff (French cuff) shirt, cufflinks are highly required so that you aren't constantly folding them up during the day. Plus, from a stylish point of view once more, they can be an eye-catching detail. They come in a variety of styles and designs in a metallic of fabric finish (or both) so it comes down to you and your preference. Plain and simple goes a long way in terms of design; but for something more striking, you can go for a bold pop of colour or even personalised letters as a little keepsake.

You really are #SpoiltForChoice when it comes to accessorising your new bespoke suit...

These are just a few of the classic accessories you can select to style with your bespoke suit, shirt or coat; but let's not forget the dapper style of a tophat, the practicality of a sleeve garter, or the cool finish of a pair of your finest gloves.



It's now time to accessorise your bespoke suit. What will you wear?

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