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How to Care For Your Suit - Bespoke Suit Maintenance

Keep Your Bespoke Suit in Good Condition with Our Guide to Suit Care


There is often a debate about how often you should dry clean your suit - some say very little, some say a lot. So, which is correct? In this article, we will provide you with the best guidance on how to take care of your suit and make it last for many years.

Dry Cleaning

When it comes to dry cleaning, less is more. The chemicals used in dry cleaning can harm the fibers of the suit and reduce its lifespan. It is recommended to dry clean your suit only when necessary, around twice a year. It is also advisable to dry clean the jacket and trousers at the same time to maintain uniformity in shade.

If your suit isn't dirty enough to be dry cleaned but looks tired, you can ask for a sponge and press. This process involves sponging out any marks on the suit and pressing it back into shape with an iron, making even the most worn-out suits look rejuvenated.

Daily Care

Regular brushing is the best way to prevent stains and marks from setting in on your suit. After taking off your suit for the day, lightly brush it all over with a good quality clothes brush. Hang the suit on a high-quality hanger with good shoulder support. Regular brushing and proper hanging can help maintain the suit's shape and keep it looking fresh.

To keep moths away from your wool suits, invest in cedar rings and place them over the metal part of your hanger. The aroma of cedar repels moths and also leaves your suits smelling fresh.


Sitting for long periods can cause the fibers of your suit to dry out and create shine. To combat this, press your trousers approximately every 2-3 wears. When pressing, never place the iron directly on the cloth as it can dry out the fibers. Instead, use a damp cotton pressing cloth between the iron and the garment to remove creases and retain moisture in the cloth. Hang the trousers upside down by the bottoms to keep them crisp.

For the jacket, hang it up, and most creases will drop out naturally. For stubborn creases, use steam from an iron or hang the jacket in the bathroom while taking a shower to let the steam remove the wrinkles.


Wool suits need time to rest and regain their shape after each wear. It is recommended not to wear your suit consecutively for two days. Ideally, leave at least 3 days in between wears, or even a full week if possible. This rotation allows the suit to recover and is the best way to prevent excessive wear and shine. If you can wear your suit once a week, press it once every two weeks or every three weeks, depending on the frequency of use.


To summarize, here are the key points to care for your suit:

  • Dry clean sparingly - around twice a year is usually enough.
  • Consider sponge and press instead of dry cleaning if the suit is not dirty enough.
  • Regularly brush your suit with a good quality clothes brush.
  • Hang your suit on a high-quality hanger with good shoulder support.
  • Use cedar rings to repel moths and keep your suits smelling fresh.
  • When ironing, use a damp cotton pressing cloth and avoid direct contact with the iron.
  • Rotate your suits and allow them to rest and recover their shape between wears.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your suit stays in great condition for years to come. Enjoy wearing your well-maintained bespoke suit!


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