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How To Take Care Of Your Bespoke Garments

At A Hand Tailored Suit, we make our suits to last and ensure they are constructed with a long-lasting longevity in mind, a suit for you to enjoy and wear many times over. With fabrics such as wool, linen and silk that go into making bespoke wear, these are items that shouldn't be washed in your standard washing machine at home. To ensure you have a suit made to last, here are a few tips and guidance on how you can take care of your new bespoke garments.


To maintain the crispness and freshness of the bespoke garment when not being worn, keep them hanging in a suit carrier. The suit carriers ensure unwanted fibres or odours don't transfer onto your bespoke pieces from other items in the wardrobe. To make sure it doesn't get creased in the suit bag, try and avoid having it squashed between other hanging garments.

When it comes to hanging the trousers, the best way to hang them is in half. Fold them in half at the waist so the centre front and back become the side edges. This ensures the centre creases down the front and backs of the legs are not flattened and maintains the sharpness of the suit until your next wear.

When it comes to having bespoke accessories made, you could also keep these stored in a box too.


Hangers are vital when it comes to hanging your bespoke garments. Wooden hangers are the best form as they will help keep the shape of the jacket, shirt and trousers, whilst not distorting the construction underneath.

The thickness of the hanger also plays a massive part. For long bespoke overcoats made from cashmere/wool blends, a hanger that is thicker on the ends will withstand the material.

Opting for plastic hangers is a quicker alternative; however there is a greater risk of these snapping, causing the garment to fall and crease. It can also damage the interior construction if it catches the fibres, causing small fabric pulls. We ensure we send you away with your new bespoke garments on our A Hand Tailored Suit wooden hangers. If you garment has a few creases, using a steamer gently can help.

Cleaning Your Garments

 When it comes to bespoke garments, avoid washing them in your standard washing machine at home. The fibres of the cloths can get damaged and potentially shrink your items, which no-one wants! Instead, it's best to spot-clean your bespoke items or take them to the dry cleaners.

But don't get into the habit of taking your suits weekly, or even monthly! To maintain the life span, you should only take your bespoke items to the dry cleaners a few times a year (less than 2 or 3 times is best). The chemicals used in cleaning products can slowly wear away the nature of the cloth.

 Extra methods you can apply to the care and long-lasting wear of your bespoke garments is to use a soft brush to remove loose fibres, dust and dirt. It cleans and helps to freshen up the attire as if it was brand new again! Also, the more you wear a suit, the more you can wear the suit out. When buying a new bespoke suit for work, it's always handy to have an extra pair of trousers, the same goes for a bespoke shirt too.

Any other questions? We're here to help!

We're hoping these few tips will help you when it comes to looking after and taking care of your bespoke garments. After all, bespoke tailoring is made to last!

If you have any questions regarding our bespoke garments, you can visit our dedicated FAQ page here. You can also contact our tailoring team with your queries! We're more than happy to help you on your bespoke tailoring journey!


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