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Jack Whitehall in "Jungle Cruise": The Dapper Gentlemen's Wardrobe

The comedian Jack Whitehall has been a star of many shows and films across the years, and his well-known wit continues into the latest Disney film to be released on our screens this summer. "Jungle Cruise" starring Emily Blunt as Dr. Lily Houghton and Dwayne Johnson as Frank Wolff, sees Jack Whitehall star as Lily's brother, McGregor Houghton. They embark on very much an adventure to trace petals from an ancient tree, said to cure any illness and lift any curses laid upon people. Whilst the action and adventure of these three characters truly keeps you entertained, we certainly noticed the fine tailoring that was worn throughout (involved through the film's costume designer, Paco Delgado), particularly the attire's worn by Mr. McGregor Houghton (Jack Whitehall) himself.

His character certainly admires a classic three-piece suit as the film is set in 1916 London and the Amazon River for the infamous jungle cruise. At the beginning, we see McGregor wear a three-piece navy blue suit with a lighter blue windowpane check design as he delivers a research proposal about the special petals. The jacket has a six-button front whilst it sports wide peak lapels with a narrow gap between the lapel and collar, a common feature seen across more of his jackets in the film. The waistcoat is made with notch lapels and his white shirt designed with a patterned collar with a matching front panel. His choice of accessories include a matching set, with the brown tie and pocket square featuring red, yellow and blue stripes across it. On the front are curved patch pockets perfectly pattern-matched (except the top of the pocket opening).

 Moving onto the sibling's arrival for their jungle cruise and McGregor has arrived in a cool colour palette suitable for the hot climate which the character seemingly during the film, shows he is not quite accustomed to. Upon meeting Frank Wolff for the first time, McGregor wears a cream three-piece ensemble in a single-breasted cut for both the jacket and waistcoat. He accessorises with a matching boater hat that has a wide brim and a deep red ribbon tied around the bottom of the hat's crown. You can see the suit in action below:

 Talking about the cream suit in further detail, the jacket is a three-button fastening with short peak lapels (again with a small gap between the lapel and collar), four patch pockets with the top two pockets slightly slanted, and 3-button cuffs. The centre front is straight and rounds slightly at the bottom through to the hem of the jacket. The trousers are made with a subtle yet defined centre crease as the suit with a double vent on the jacket is possibly made from a linen. The selected accessories for the suit were a matching tie and pocket square set in a dark brown with a lovely sheen, not forgetting the lapel waistcoat with an angled notch hem too. Both the cream three-piece and the double-breasted blue check suit can be seen below too:

It's clear in the film who packs the most for this journey, as two more tailored fits make an appearance (albeit brief in comparison to others). McGregor is seen sporting a salmon pink/coral three-button windowpane check jacket worn over a single-breasted gold/mustard yellow waistcoat and cream trousers. A wide red tie is the character's choice with this attire which does seem to bring out the stripes seen in his ivory shirt. The back of the waistcoat is finished in brown and his cream trousers including two buttons on the waistband with braces also worn too. You can see a snippet of this yellow waistcoat below.

Later on we see McGregor wearing a lovely dinner jacket whilst aboard the boat in a lovely maroon with black lapels and collar for contrast whilst matching the bow tie. His dress shirt includes a pleated centre panel and silver dress studs for the fastening whilst his love for three-piece suits continues and shows a low scooped white waistcoat worn with his matching white evening trousers too.

 The film continues to highlight McGregor's tailored wardrobe as he later appears wearing a light pink single-breasted jacket, worn with a beige single-breasted waistcoat that sits high on the chest and darker pink buttons on the front of the jacket as a signature detail. The accessories in question are also pink with green, grey and blue stripes on the tie and his pocket square folded in the same way as the pocket squares seen throughout the film. His matching beige trousers sit above his brown brogues whilst his shirt is white and features burgundy stripes that match the jacket well. The stripes are wide and his collar is detachable much like others in the film (and common during the time); yet it's safe to say this ensemble does not take well to water!

 His penultimate suit is one we see in the film worn fully but also one which represents Jack Whitehall's character start to embrace the adventure lifestyle. Here he is pictured wearing a white shirt with a crisp white collar and cuffs. The front of the shirt features blue details seemingly like embroidery to create a separate panel. The shirt is tucked into a pair of cream trousers worn with braces again and a wide beige tie with the pocket square seen tucked into the chest patch pocket. The shirt and jacket can be seen worn with a double-breasted cream jacket with peak lapels and four similar patch pockets on worn on the front and the waistcoat designed with notch lapels and welt pockets, not forgetting the adjustable belt on the back. 

As their adventure almost comes to a close, McGregor is then spotted just wearing his cream trousers with brown/pink braces and a matching vest top and rather, it marks the moment Jack Whitehall's character has truly embraced the adventure he has been on, how he stood up in the moments he needed to, and it is seen in his final outfit of the film. He's seen delivering a proposal similar to the beginning of the film but this time, McGregor wears a brown check jacket with four button-down patch pockets and a belt on the waist. He wears it open to expose the gold/mustard yellow waistcoat with a light green/sage shirt underneath worn open collar. It's a look fitting for an explorer and one which concludes Jack Whitehall's wardrobe of the film.

 It's not just in the film which Jack Whitehall's tailoring comes to light, but also during the premiere of the film itself. The actor sports a crisp white two-piece suit with a wide grey pinstripe design from Eleventy Milano, styled with a grey polo shirt underneath and dark brown dress shoes. Unlike his character McGregor, Whitehall's jacket is a two-button front with flapped pockets with notch lapels that sit high on the chest close to the relaxed shoulder line included. The trousers are tapered to the ankle with a turned-up hem and just sits above the shoe for a smart/casual premiere look.

Take a look at the trailer for Disney's "Jungle Cruise" starring Jack Whitehall, Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson! Which tailored outfits of McGregor Houghton's wardrobe can you spot?

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