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Jessica Pearson, Suits


As the popular legal drama returns to screens for a sixth season, we decided to take a look at the sharp styling of the show, starting with the leading ladies. While we promise there won’t be any spoilers (in case you’re playing catch up on a show who’s audience numbers have steadily risen since it began back in 2011), we will be taking an in depth look at the wardrobe highlights of our favourite characters. Up first, is Jessica Pearson. 
She’s the boss – her name is on the letterhead to prove it. As co-founding partner of the law firm, she knows how she wants things done. She’s earned the corner office, and now she’s dressing for it too, with her staple piece being the asymmetric jacket. Sometimes the cut makes its way into her dress or coat choices, proving that her style is anything but of-centre.  
Style Notes: Asymmetry is a great way to include an unusual fastening style for a jacket. This can also provide the perfect style for an ornate button or clasp, which would otherwise be too much for a multi-button cut. Also, the use of large folds, pleats and panels can make for a dramatic effect, turning a simple blazer into a statement piece.
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