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Joel Dommett's Serving The Looks! The Best from The Masked Singer Season 3

2022 kicked off with the return of the popular ITV Saturday night show, The Masked Singer, and so too did it mark the return of presenter Joel Dommett on the stage - and in some style too! The comedian and actor has been known for his very dapper looks indeed under The Masked Singer spotlight, and as the final of season 3 aired last weekend (12th February 2022), he dressed up for the rather special occasion. Let's delve into some of his smartest season 3 looks.

It was an all-black attire that certainly encapsulated the special night that was the final of The Masked Singer season 3. Made up of a long tuxedo coat that fell to mid-thigh, it was designed with flapped pockets that had a satin/silk edge to match the peak lapels on the front. The one-button coat was left unfastened and underneath was a black cummerbund situated over the top of his black dress shirt with fabric covered buttons in the centre. The trousers were slim with a subtle centre crease as the presenter accessorised with a black bow tie and sparkling silver brooch attached to the welt pocket.

Joel Dommett is a fan of wearing a gold suit (as we've explored before on the blogon The Masked Singer, and for this season's semi-final, he wore just that in the form of a champagne double-breasted blazer. It was a two-button front covered with black peak lapels and flapped pockets positioned just below the waist for a dapper and classy evening look. With a welt pocket sitting behind the peak lapel, underneath he wore a crisp formal shirt underneath with a classic collar and black bow tie.

We know from previous seasons that Joel Dommett loves a patterned or printed suit, and so did that love continue in season 3 with this petrol blue two-piece number. The shine of the design would simply create more shades of blue whenever it moved, ones that would be enhanced also through the dark blue formal shirt with a black hue to it. The tie was kept plain but its appearance also glistened through its shine as the pockets on the jacket pattern-matched and the peak lapels kept sharp for the stage.

Rewind back a few weeks and the presenter's style definitely shows his love for colour coordination whilst on stage and this red number was certainly an example of that. With an artistic print on the dinner jacket, it featured a shawl lapel and signature one-button fastening with the classic welt and flapped pockets. The pocket flaps and collar were all finished with a black edge to really outline this statement look. He wore a rich red evening shirt underneath with a ruffled centre front and exaggerated red bow tie, a fitting match to his red socks for the love theme of that week.

Movie week hit for the show and Joel Dommett dressed like he was hitting the red carpet by wearing a very fitting red orange number. The jacket again included a shawl collar leading into the single button fastening and flapped pockets either side. The welt pocket was defined through the accessorising of the black pocket square folded neatly and to also match the black bow tie on the collar. The white shirt had a classic collar style and the cuffs of the item just showing through the ends of the jacket for that sophisticated finish. It was just another bold yet brilliant look to add to his suiting wardrobe!

We all know of the January blues; but Joel Dommett gave it a brand new meaning in this number! For the second episode of the season, he sported an electric blue three-piece number, styled with a slightly darker shade for the shirt and accessorised with a silky finish navy blue tie. The collar pin was such a great subtle detail and yet the waistcoat chain and brooch just gave this suit more of a cool edge. The peak lapels were wide but designed with a smooth curved edge that would lead down to the single jacket fastening. The waistcoat was single-breasted in cut and fastened with five out of the six buttons included, the notched hem subtle yet sharp and the centre crease on his trousers also providing the same effect.

What was your favourite suit of the series worn by Joel Dommett? Who knows what dapper looks season 4 will bring! Check back for more stand-out looks from The Masked Singer and your favourite TV shows on our blog.

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