Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 Men's Fashion Roundup - A Hand Tailored Suit

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 Men's Fashion Roundup

The third week in the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks is reserved for Milan. It’s the last runway season before Paris Fashion Week rounds off the season. Like its cousins New York and London, Milan Fashion Week occurs semi-annually to showcase designers to the public, the press, and potential buyers. The autumn/winter show happens in February/March of each year and the spring/summer shows are held in September/October in Milan, Italy. 

Fashion Week influences fashion for the masses on the high-street and for the elite at the high-end. What will the upcoming trends be next Fall? Let’s explore Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 men’s fashion roundup.


The Gucci runway was alive with colour against some neutrals. The cuts were almost reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s. There was wool, plaid, corduroy, and yellow and purple knitted jumpers, and emerald green velvet trousers! Some notched collars, rounded collars, shawl lapels, boxy cuts, baggy cuts, and everything in between. And many people on the runway were wearing what looked like grey polyester prison pyjamas. Take a look! 


A Cold Wall

For the A Cold Wall runway, the cuts were boxy in bright colours. Take a look at these matching double-breasted flap-pocket suits, one in black and one in electric blue, one paired with canvas shoes and the other leather. The other suit in darker, more subtle green is boxy in cut with a baggy tailored trouser, finished with a mustard button-up, and skater shoes.


Giorgio Armani

The Armani runway had a touch of luxury with rich velvet, corduroy, and wool suits in their collection. The first double-breasted waistcoat three-piece suit with contrasting silk lapels looked stunning with matching black velvet loafers with a teal tassel detail and piping. The grey shirt with a pink paisley pattern finished off the look well.

The baggy black corduroy double-breasted suit was less polished than the three-piece but kept in this season’s trends of baggy cuts. It was paired with a contrasting turtleneck. 

The double-breasted wool check suit in grey and brown had a unique matching shirt underneath made of the suit fabric. 

The final look was a military-inspired green velvet suit with baggy trousers and turned cuffs.

Which designer’s collection was your favourite in Milan?

Tell us in the comments which designer wowed you and which one didn’t. We’d love to know. 

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