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Mindy Continues to Shine in Season 2 of "Emily In Paris"

Mindy (played by Ashley Park) was one of the very first people that helped Emily settle into her new Parisian life and immediately grew to become one of her best friends. In season 2, we see more of Mindy's growth with her singing career and in turn of course, her wardrobe continues to be so individual and unique and chic! Let's see some of the tailoring elements spotted in Mindy's Parisian wardrobe.

 Whilst performing at a drag club in the opening episode, Mindy wears a half-and-half costume on stage which includes her right half showcasing a two-piece black evening suit. It highlights the padded shoulders with wide peak lapels and her right leg fitted into a tapered leg. The white shirt that would be worn separately underneath is mimicked with the white cuff on the end of the sleeve and half of the shirt's centre front on show, finished with black buttons and half a bow tie.

Mindy's portrayal of tailoring is definitely modern and chic as we see in episode 4 ready to perform her first street performance with her new band she's joined. The blazer dress features a thin shawl collar and the hints of two thin pockets near the bottom whilst being fastened with a single gold button on the front. With soft padded shoulders mirroring the silky appearance of the ivory garment, what makes it graceful is the cape incorporated into the piece - it simply glides.

Now this suit Mindy wears is one that really stands out thanks to it shimmery and party vibes. During episode 5 when she and her band perform at a Savoir marketing event, Mindy sports a rather dazzling two-piece suit with loads of gold, silver and black stripes included in the cloth and accessories with glistening jewellery to match. The jacket includes wide peak lapels and padded shoulders with two curved flapped pockets near the bottom. The jacket is fastened with a single button as it leads down through a soft curve into the hem, complementing the tapered fit on the trousers. A very subtle flare stems from the knee down and brushes her heels nicely which again, help in emphasising the glamour of the evening event she's singing at.

If there's one cloth pattern that has been quite commonplace amongst some of the "Emily In Paris" characters during both seasons, it's the classic houndstooth print - and Mindy is wearing exactly that in the final episode. Her pink and black houndstooth attire consists of a strapless fitted dress and matching long gloves. It's very much a modern take to how we have seen it styled in "Emily In Paris" but it's another statement outfit for Mindy! A few other pieces to look out for in season 2 includes a patchwork-style coat with a metallic finish that's styled with gold wide peak lapels at Emily's birthday dinner in episode 3 and a mid-length leopard print coat with shoulder epaulettes and sleeve belts in the final episode. See if you can spot them below!

Mindy's wardrobe in season 2 definitely continues their individual styles we saw established in the first series and of course, so tres chic! We can't wait to see what she wears in the next two seasons!

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