More Glamour from Venice Film Festival 2022: The Gent's Style - A Hand Tailored Suit

More Glamour from Venice Film Festival 2022: The Gent's Style

If the opening ceremony of the iconic Venice Film Festival wasn't stylish enough, the days that followed would certainly top the fashion we have already seen. It was a busy few days, with more film premieres, more red carpets and more famous faces taking to the spotlight and wearing more glamorous attires - and there were loads to choose from! We've narrowed down some of our favourite looks from the gentlemen attending between days 2 and 5 (Thursday 1st - Sunday 4th September).

Mohammed Al Turki

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When: 1st September 2022 - "Tar" Red Carpet (Day Two)

Film producer Mohammed Al Turki donned an all-blue evening suit for the red carpet of "Tar" at this year's festival, styling it with a matching navy blue bow tie and plain white evening shirt. The shawl collar is as smooth as the look itself, finishing with the classic flapped pockets and one-button fastening on the front of the jacket. With a welt pocket on the chest too, the producer also accessories with a brooch on the collar as a perfect finishing touch. Four matching fabric covered buttons are spotted on each cuff, whilst the rounded front edge of the hem sits over the slim-line trousers with a sharp centre crease.

Catalin Botezatu

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When: 2nd September 2022 - "Un Couple" Red Carpet (Day Three)

Fashion designer Catalin Botezatu spruced up the red carpet attire with a luxurious printed (possibly brocade or jacquard) Viggo dinner jacket over an accompanying black waistcoat and trousers. The jacket is no doubt the statement of the look, finished with contrasting wide peak lapels, double jet pockets and buttons on the cuffs, letting the natural light enhance the metallic sheen of the design. The waistcoat is double-breasted with a six-button front and pockets either side, with no lapel ensuring not to distract from the bold jacket cloth. The trousers are slim and just sitting on top of the shoes, finishing the look with a white evening shirt and long black bow tie.

Ladj Ly

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When: 2nd September 2022 - "Athena" Red Carpet (Day Three)

Film director Ladj Ly looked sleek in a two-piece navy Dior suit during day three of the event, sporting a narrow blue bow tie and a covered button placket white shirt. The jacket has contrasting peak lapels which are of a standard width, keeping in tone with the effortless silhouette of the suit. The shoulders are slightly rounded and the sleeves are shorter to allow the shirt's white cuffs to stick through as a featured design element. Two flapped pockets are included on the jacket front with a one-button fastening, whilst the trousers are straight with a break above the ankle and the traditional satin stripes down the side, completing a timeless evening look.

Alvaro Nuñez

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When: 3rd September 2022 - "Argentina, 1985" Red Carpet (Day Four)

CEO of a Miami real estate agency, Alvaro Nuñez kept it classy yet bold with an orange velvet dinner jacket on the red carpet. Designed with contrasting black peak lapels for that statement look, the businessman paired it with a black stud dress shirt underneath and the classic black bow tie. The black trousers were tapered at the ankle to style nicely with his shoes and a centre crease just about noticeable down the front. Further details of the jacket include angled narrow flapped pockets with an extra narrow ticket pocket above, finished in contrasting jets. The welt pocket on the chest is also angled and the piece is fastened with the single button, matching those spotted on his cuffs.

Claudio Santamaria

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When: 4th September 2022 - "The Whale" & "Filming Italy Best Movie Achievement Award" Red Carpet (Day Five)

Donning a Valentino double-breasted suit was actor Claudio Santamaria, styling the ensemble with a classic collar white shirt underneath and a long black tie tucked behind. The jacket is complete with a four-button front and two flapped pockets sitting straight and sharp. The shoulders are padded and the peak lapels are wide to balance out the double-breasted silhouette. Just like the lapels, the collar is bound in a contrast satin edge for that subtle sheen; but one clever detail of this is the positioning of the welt pocket over the satin itself, providing a modern line. The trousers are a straight-leg cut with the classic satin stripe down the sides, a centre crease down the front and the hem sitting just over the tops of the shoes.

Giancarlo Commare

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When: 4th September 2022 - "The Whale" & "Filming Italy Best Movie Achievement Award" Red Carpet (Day Five)

Wearing quite a summery suit in Venice was actor Giancarlo Commare as he sported a white/cream double-breasted number with a black crew neck underneath. The cloth itself is textured on both the jacket and trousers, giving the illusion that it is pleated or gathered in some parts. The double-breasted blazer is designed with four gold-and-black shank buttons on the front, and four more smaller versions included on the cuffs. The peak lapels are sharp at the point before curving down smoothly to the centre front, with a welt pocket on the chest and two jet pockets almost waist-level. The shoulders are well-tailored and padded to deliver a great top line, whilst the trousers are finished with a turn-up hem and straight-leg line for that sartorial, casual feel.

Franklin Eugene

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When: 4th September 2022 - "The Whale" & "Filming Italy Best Movie Achievement Award" Red Carpet (Day Five)

Film producer Franklin Eugene kept it minimal and sleek on the red carpet as he donned a two-piece black double-breasted suit, styled with a black formal shirt and tie underneath. The jacket itself includes soft peak lapels that are quite short thanks to the tall stance of the jacket body. The fastenings are hidden and therefore maintain this sleekness the suit epitomises, showing only the darts on the front. The shoulders are padded and slightly oversized for a strong top line, causing the hem to be long and finish mid-thigh. The trousers are also long and sit over the shoes for quite a cool feel, showcasing the straight line silhouette of the piece, whilst maintaining the distinction of the centre crease. 

Jeremy O. Harris

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When: 4th September 2022 - "The Whale" & "Filming Italy Best Movie Achievement Award" Red Carpet (Day Five)

Playwright Jeremy O.Harris looked dapper in a Gucci mix-and-match three-piece ensemble during this red carpet on day five. The blue jacket with a slight lavender tone to it is single-breasted with two horn buttons on the front in a small stance, finished with three large patch pockets and wide notch lapels, all of which are outlined through extra stitching. Underneath, the waistcoat is low cut with lapels and a four-button front, fastened fully to show the straight hem as it's worn over a white ruffled blouse that's worn open collar. The trousers are a bit more cream in colour to distinguish themselves are an individual item, completed with a crisp straight-leg finish and hemline to emphasise the centre creases a lot more.

There are so many other statement looks from these days at the Venice Film Festival, it really was difficult to choose just a select few! Here are some others you might found eye-catching, which is your favourite so far?

(In order of appearance: Jon Kortajarena; Haider Ackermann; Ionut Marin; Mariano Di Vaio; Stéphane Bak)

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There's still a few days left until the closing ceremony of this year's Venice Film Festival, and more sharp looks to be expected! Keep up to date with who has worn what so far here!

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