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Mr. Jalf's One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Suit!

Mr. Jalf came to us a couple of years ago now for his bespoke three-piece wedding suit and to this day, it's one the team like to reflect upon. He came to us when he was finding it difficult to source the perfect suit on for the big day and, after discussing through his thoughts on his suit, we were able to design a one-of-a-kind piece that he looked incredible in!

The style of suit was a three-piece, the jacket single-breasted whilst the waistcoat was double-breasted. Focusing on the jacket first, it was fastened with a single fabric-covered button matching the buttons on the cuffs. With two straight flapped pockets on the front and a subtle curve leading to the hem, it really was the shawl lapel that was the defining feature. The inner edge was finished with a black satin facing as the main grey birdseye cloth of the suit made up for the other half of the lapel. To make the split design stand out further, a thin satin black line was added which made the cut of the jacket a flattering shape.

The jacket was lined in a black paisley satin and edged in grey to separate the lining from the satin facing of the lapel. The sleeves of Jag's jacket also included a paisley flash cuff which, if that wasn't a sharp detail on its own, the contrasting pink buttonhole on the cuff certainly would be - and it definitely stands out from afar too.

Not only was the split shawl lapel design featured on the jacket, but on the waistcoat too. The inner edge of the lapel was finished with the grey birdseye cloth and the neckline shape being our signature scooped/horseshoe style. The same black satin paisley lined the waistcoat, with six buttons on the front (3x3 formation) and a very sharp notched hem that looked great on Jag. Two thin double jet pockets were also added to the bespoke garment, sitting on a slight upward angle.

Jag's trousers were sharp and a great shape for him with a lovely slimline silhouette to them. The centre crease on the front enhanced the overall sharp style of the wedding attire. His white cotton shirt was made with clear buttons on the front and a classic collar, ready for his accessory of choice and the cuffs just showing through the jacket sleeves for that sartorial finish.

Mr. Jalf looked incredible in his wedding suit and the review he left us was ever so lovely for us to read too! We're honoured you chose us to make your wedding suit and we're glad it made your day!


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