Octopussy - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

Octopussy - Shaken and Not Stirred

Good morning 007.

Now I'm aware that some of your previous missions have included dealing with very expensive jewellery, so your knowledge of the bejewelled Fabergé eggs (made as gifts by Carl Fabergé himself for the Russian Royal Family) should be up to scratch?

The Mission

Agent 009 retrieved one from East Berlin fleeing a circus, delivering the egg to our British Ambassador in West Berlin; however, it is a fake and the fourth to appear this year. It is likely the anonymous seller is of Soviet involvement. Attend the auction in London where the real Fabergé egg is to be bidded for, lot number 48. Please keep in mind this egg could also be a fake. The potential buyer at the auction is exiled Afghan prince, Kamal Khan, and a Miss Magda also in attendance with him. Khan has a reputation for selling, not buying, so he will appear rather desperate to buy the egg at whatever cost. Quite suspicious, wouldn't you agree? Follow Khan to Delhi where he resides at Monsoon Palace and uncover more about his intentions for the bejewelled egg. You may find him having rather good fortune playing backgammon at the casino. Intel shows he is linked with a woman named Octopussy, jewellery smuggler and wealthy businesswoman residing in a floating palace in India. Bond, it was her circus that 009 escaped from. It is due to perform in Karl-Marx-Stadt before heading to West Germany, possibly smuggling genuine treasures along the way. This cannot be just a simple jewellery operation 007, not as we have Intel that Soviet General Orlov and Khan are somehow connected. It is known General Orlov has plans for domination across Europe and if Khan is to attend Octopussy's circus at the US Air Force Base in West Germany, we must assume this is the main stage for their plan.

Your mission: Find out the real plan and the agreement between Khan and General Orlov by using the Fabergé egg to crack this operation wide open. Whatever it is, it must not come to fruition. Watch out for anyone who Khan sets upon you 007.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

I think you shall find this mission wardrobe satisfactory for your travels to India and Germany, Bond:

1) Evening Attire

As customary on your missions, an ivory dinner jacket with curved peak lapels shall be the acquired choice for your time in India. With 3-button cuffs on the jacket and a double-cuffed white voile shirt with the classic black bow tie and evening trousers too, you shall certainly be keeping your cool at the casino, particularly if you find yourself involved in a game with Khan.

2) "Charles Morton" Suit

Whilst in East Germany, you will be disguised as Mr. Charles Morton, a manufacturer representative visiting furniture factories. The suit in question shall be a navy double-breasted suit with thin peak lapels, soft shoulders and 3-button cuffs on the sleeves. A white shirt worn with a navy patterned tie is the preferred choice for Charles Morton.

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3) At The Circus

Usually on your missions 007, I would hate any clowning around that could jeopardise them; but on this operation, there is an exception. A clown is a very fitting disguise at Octopussy's circus should you find yourself in a spot of bother. Not to worry about the tailoring: a notch lapel jacket and high-waisted trousers is customary for their costumes.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


It is vital you know who you are looking for as always 007, so here are your potential encounters:

Kamal Khan

His wardrobe appears to be quite refined too, potentially wearing a navy blue two-piece suit with matching tie and cream shirt. Another option he chooses to wear includes a grey tweed blazer with sharp notch lapels, welt pocket, single-button fastening and cuffs, double jet pockets and worn over dark grey trousers.


Jewel smuggler and businesswoman of the Octopussy circus troupe. Most noticeably you shall identify her wearing the blue-ringed octopus on a silk white gown, the sign of an old secret order of female bandits and smugglers. Something you should know: her father was Major Dexter-Smythe, whom you were sent to arrest for treason but didn't, so a connection is there.

Miss Magda

It seems Miss Magda has a blue octopus tattoo, a sign indicating she is part of the Octopus cult. If she was at the auction with Khan, chances are she will be at the casino too, possibly wearing a black lace dress. She shall also appear in Octopussy's circus, wearing a black tailcoat embellished, worn with a white pleated shirt, white bow tie and a black top hat.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


007, I am most unhappy thanks to you finding out I am being sent to Delhi at a moment's notice, so it is in your best interest to really pay attention to what I am providing you:

Homing Device: I've implemented this into the Fabergé egg which Khan shall once again have in his possession 007, making it possible to listen in on what Khan's plans are. It shall also make it easy to track the egg's whereabouts through the radio directional finder in your watch 007.

Fountain Pen: Very handy if you need to write a quick letter to someone, or dissolve any metal should you find yourself needing to escape: all you need to do is twist the top to release the acid. The earpiece for the homing device too is within the lid, so please don't lose this fountain pen.


Book yourself on the next flight out to Delhi 007. Our contact, Vijay, shall await your arrival. Octopussy owns the circus but she is not the ringmaster behind General Orlov and Kamal Khan's plan. The Fabergé egg is simply the warm-up act, and they must be stopped. Do what you must. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.