Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020 Men's Fashion Roundup - A Hand Tailored Suit

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020 Men's Fashion Roundup

Paris Fashion Week is the last one of the big four fashion weeks each season. So there will be no more fashion weeks until September! Let’s take a look at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020 men’s fashion roundup to see what will be hot this upcoming season.


The first Dior Homme look is a smart cream two-piece single-breasted suit with matching pleated shirt underneath. The blazer is unique with a powder blue accent, giving it a double-blazer look on the left-hand side. The tailored trousers have a relaxed fit.

The second look is a similar suit in powder blue with prominent black double-breasted buttons and pointed lapels. The matching silk shirt underneath complements the look and, like the first look, it’s finished with a pair of white trainers. The trousers have a relaxed, baggy fit.

The final Dior look that we are showcasing is a baggy tailored khaki cropped trouser with turned cuffs. The waist of the trousers has a 1930s style and has a belted accent with a unique buckle. The most novel aspect of the outfit is the pink turtleneck with cross-grain weaving. As with the first and second looks, the white trainers are back! 

Acne Studios

We’ll take a look at three distinctive looks from Acne Studios this season.

The first look is in the colour palette of the season, pale green and white. The model wears white trousers that are a combination of tailored pant in a light looking linen and of sweat pants with a stripe down the side. They fasten just under the navel to reveal a two-close, double-layered single-breasted blazer with a second cropped blazer underneath (where a traditional waistcoat would go). The notched lapels, baggier fit, and flapped pockets look like a normal blazer construction on the outside but the lighter fabric style is unique. The look was finished off with flat-profile white and grey trainers. Would you wear this look?

The second model wears an all-black look with fitted high-waisted flared black trousers and a leather loose cut blazer. The style is reminiscent of the 70s and has a wide collar and invisible buttons. 

The final look is similar to the first look in brown corduroy. The blazer is cropped and has a single-button fastening with notched lapels and deep pockets. 

Louis Vuitton

Two looks to showcase at the Louis Vuitton show feature sleek 70s style suits. One, in grey, has thin notched lapels, three pockets, and a high-necked three-button single-breasted closure with accent pin/button. The skinny-fit trousers and the white pin-striped matching tie and shirt look sleep as do the black leather shoes and brown leather overnighter. 

An unusual but pleasing look comes in the form of a scoop low neck burgundy jumper and tailored trousers with a smart-looking overcoat with pin/button accents. The overcoat fabric goes from a solid burgundy to an ombre of burgundy plaid in a darker shade. The shoes are very smart but an oversized wool beanie keeps the look more casual.

Which design was your favourite and which didn’t you love as much?

We’d love to know your Fashion Week opinion in the comments. Feel free to share our post and let us know if we missed something? Did you love a designer’s collection that we didn’t mention and you’d love us to showcase?

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