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The offices of the New York based law firm feels so familiar, at this stage some fans could probably see themselves working there. Of course it’s only in hour long episodes that we get to be part of the legal whizz kids of Pearson Specter Litt – which is probably a good thing, considering how much drama happens there on a weekly basis. We’re happy to stick with watching on the edge of our seats – and until the sixth season returns to our screens, we’re going to take a look at the sharp styling of the show, starting with the leading ladies. There’ll be no talk of plot or guesses as to what happens next (you know, just in case some of you still haven’t gotten through the first five seasons), but we will be reminiscing about the best tailored pieces we’ve seen so far. And who better to look to for style inspiration than our Rachel Zane.
She’s our favourite paralegal – although to be fair, we have to admit we never would have been this interested in what paralegals do if it wasn’t for super smart Rachel Zane, reminding us that those big shot lawyers couldn’t possibly win all those important cases without them. A negotiator not to be messed with, if her reputation in the office is anything to go by, we can’t imagine convincing her to let us borrow any of her stylish clothes would be successful. We’re more likely to sit back and remember why the pencil skirt is such a great staple piece for the working wardrobe.
Style Notes: Belted, flared, suede, leather, floral, paneled – Rachel’s selection of pencil skirts is a great endorsement for the classic cut. And it’s one that has been part of the professional attire lineup for decades. It’s versatility is proven by how different it looks depending on how it’s styled. Whether you opt for an unusual material, or stay plain and team it with a statement blouse, the pencil skirt is a fantastic canvas to work from, for a stylish finish.
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