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Ralf's Sharp Business Suit Thanks To Our 3D App

As the world slowly started to reopen with pandemic guidelines put in place, our implementation of our 3D Mobile Measurement App made measuring #AHandTailoredSuit customers for new bespoke pieces still possible. To this day, we are still using the app via online consultations to measure customers who struggle to make it into our studio. After using our app himself over a year ago, Ralf was measured for a new three-piece business suit and was directly sent to him in Germany with fantastic results!

Ralf was after a new suit that would be quite classic and conservative in style. After seeing many fabrics during an online consultation, the final choice was a classic grey piece with thin stripes that would make his full three-piece business suit. Focusing on the jacket first, it was a single-breasted cut with two buttons on the front and notch lapels, designed with classic flapped pockets that would sat on a slight angle. To keep in tune with the classic business attire, the jacket was cut with a double vent on the back and four-button cuffs which here, Ralf styles with the bottom one left unfastened. A welt pocket sat in the chest and the centre front line gradually curves round to the straight hem for a smooth finish.

From the jacket to the waistcoat, Ralf's waistcoat was also a single-breasted style with a five-button front, seen here with the bottom button left unfastened. The top of the centre front sat mid-chest with no lapel around the neckline for a sleek finish. Two thin double jet pockets sat just below the waist with a notched hem at the bottom. The hem itself was designed with a slight upward curve leading round to the back, which in itself, was finished in the same grey colour and with a belt adjuster on the back to be fitted and secured accordingly.

The trouser waistband included belt loops and waistband belt adjusters with a silver buckle to complement the grey tone of the suit nicely. On the back were two thin double jet pockets with a button rouleau loop on each to fasten the pocket in place, and continuing the classic suit theme. Pockets were positioned in the side seams with a front opening, whilst centre creases were incorporated to create a sharp finish to the pair of slim trousers. With the hem just sitting on top of his shoes, they really helped to echo the classic cut for a business suit. Along with his suit was a plain white buttoned shirt with a classic collar and double cuffs tucked into the trouser waistband for a crisp finish.

With only a couple of minor alterations required on the trousers and jacket, the fit was spot on overall, all from being measured during an online consultation using our 3D Mobile Measurement App! Since this order, Ralf has been supplied a further two suits by our tailoring team, along with an additional jacket and six shirts all sent to him in Germany! Many thanks for the lovely review Ralf, it was a pleasure to make your suit and we are glad it fitted extremely well! Looking sharp, sir! 

The achievements our 3D Mobile Measurement App delivers is just outstanding, helping customers who can't travel into our studio but still wish the bespoke tailoring services of A Hand Tailored Suit! Ralf's suit was another fantastic result of the app, and you can find out more about how the app works here.


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