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Regal Inspired Wedding Attire!

Images provided to us directly by Abdul

It may have been a couple of years since Abdul came to us for his bespoke wedding suit but these images and his suit is still one the tailoring team love to share. It's grand, certainly dapper and very regal!

What made Abdul's wedding suit so special was the statement waistcoat: it contrasted to the rest of the suit as it was cut in a light grey in its double-breasted form. The lines of the V-neck were smooth to create great peak lapels that weren't too wide for the waistcoat. The buttons were black and secured with the matching grey thread for another statement detail. Double jet pockets were added into the design of the garment as the front edge of the fastening curved in slightly towards the straight hem line, showing the great contrast between sharp and smooth lines within bespoke tailoring.



 Abdul's bespoke jacket and trousers were darker grey in contrast and overall, really outlined how well a contrasting waistcoat has on a suit. The jacket was single-breasted and designed with just the one button for the fastening to keep it sleek. The peak lapels were sharp at the top point but curved down elegantly to the mid-point whilst complementing the soft padded shoulder line. Other details included the two flapped pockets and four-button cuffs on the sleeves.

The confidence he felt as the main man of the day certainly showed in this picture he sent us and we loved seeing it! His trousers were slender and straight cut with a sharp centre crease only enhancing the sharpness of his suit. With angled pockets on the front too, the trouser hem had a break above the ankle that looked so cool but stylish with it sat just below the opening of his shoes. The grey/green tie secured in place under his cutaway collar and the addition of his silver waistcoat pocket chain definitely made this wedding suit regal and one to remember!

It was a pleasure tailoring your wedding suit Abdul a couple of years ago and we still are very grateful for the kind words you left us about your experience! Many congratulations once more from the tailoring team, you looked brilliant!


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