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Simon Doyle's Wardrobe in "Death on the Nile"

Simon Doyle, husband to Linnet Doyle, played by Armie Hammer.

 Simon Doyle was engaged to Jacqueline de Bellefort at the beginning of the film, until he is introduced to Linnet Ridgeway, who then becomes Linnet Doyle. He was hired as Linnet's land agent after Simon was looking for a new job, and now, he is seemingly caught up between Jackie and Linnet. As for his style, it's rather minimal and simplistic in the film as we analyse three of Simon's outfits in "Death on the Nile".

Outfit #1

 When he is first introduced to Linnet at the club in London, Simon is sporting a three-piece black tuxedo in a single-breasted style. His evening dress shirt is pleated, designed with a pleated classic collar accessorised with a black bow tie underneath and clear buttons down the front. The jacket includes wide matte peak lapels, whilst the waistcoat is finished with a black satin back and the neckline low scooped. The trousers are a straight cut for that crisp finish to his evening attire, his double cuffs just showing through the ends of the jacket sleeves for that extra classic finish. 

 Outfit #2

From London to Egypt, Simon is seen arriving to his and Linnet's wedding celebration in Egypt and, for the occasion, chooses a three-piece white suit and matching tie. The shirt is a subtle light grey/blue blend to add a bit of contrast to the fairly monochrome ensemble, finished with wide peak lapels once more to balance out the rounded shoulders. Two flapped pockets are spotted below the waistline of the jacket, whilst the jacket cuffs are finished with four matching fabric covered buttons either side. The waistcoat is again a single-breasted cut with a tall notched hem, cut high and sitting flat again the chest with the tie tucked behind. His trousers are lightweight and loose, an appropriate choice for the warm climate of Egypt, long in length as the hem sits over the tops of his shoes.

 Outfit #3

Single-breasted suits appeared to be Simon's style of choice; however, he is spotted donning a couple of double-breasted numbers here and there. One of those in discussion is a mid-grey number with wide peak lapels on the blazer that aid in balancing the broad shoulders out in the attire. Four dark grey horn buttons are included on the cuffs, the same on the front of the blazer, fastened over a light blue formal shirt with a dark diamond check tie sitting in place underneath the collar. The trousers are straight cut and slightly wide in shape, as per the silhouette associated with 1930's suits, before finished with turn up cuffs for a refined finish.

What was your favourite attire worn by Simon Doyle? Be sure to check back on our blog for more classic and of course, sharp tailored attires from the cast of "Death on the Nile".

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