Steal His Style Justin Timberlake - A Hand Tailored Suit

Steal His Style Justin Timberlake

We have a peek at the brand new and enhanced Justin 2.0 if you may.
The man can sing and he can dance and now he has matured he can groom too.


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(ph. Daniele Venturelli)[/caption]

Like many men, It required JT some time to find himself, when becoming a man and finding your self and what style suits you best there's a lot of trial and error, a lot of mistakes along with a Great Deal of cringe moments you look back on and believe
"Why did someone allow me to wear this"
Justin we forgive you for this one.

The turning point in Justin's design was when his career path merged with Hollywood, when he stared in "Friends with benefits" he plays an editor of GQ and well we all understand what GQ stands for and that if you would like to work that you leave the double denim at home and you rather have to be stylish. Then when he plays a nerdy preppy teacher in "Bad Teacher" his style evolves again getting more elegant.
Today you think, wow that man is sharp when you look at JT, but I takes of great deal of getting it wrong for it right.
So what is it possible to steal from JT.

Is it is simple in nature, nothing to working them and outside there, no crazy prints or colours, just doing the wardrobe basics.
You will notice his fashion is quite dapper preppy Ivy league, this is his secure zone to perform on, wish to obtain somewhat bold, allow the knitwear or the bow-tie be the stage.

When suiting you'll observe a common slim or black tie.
He'll go for the lapels and on a suit and they'll be contrast and satin.
He is probably not shy of a bow-tie both and together with his slightly rounded jaw line that the bow-tie helps square and expand off the jaw, how he grooms his facial hair also helps this.

JT is naturally tan being from California he is tan and fair, so colours like black don't wash out him, you'll see if he's a bit more casual, navy's and blues are powerful colours working well with his blue eyes and blonde/brown hair.
We have a blog article all about knowing that your colours,
We call it "POWER DRESSING", click HERE to read more
Grooming is an art, it doesn't matter if you're putting on some jeans, boots and a t-shirt, or whether you're placing on a 3 piece suit.
It is never what you use, it's how you wear it, that's your personality, that's your personal stamp, and it's what people see first, Style is how you introduce yourself before you open your mouth.
Building the foundations of a stylish wardrobe is the toughest part, once you've obtained that it's smooth sailing.

People often suppose when you're wearing a hand tailored suit you put in so much more attempt to get dressed, yes you've to do up more buttons but you never have to worry about mixing and matching, a suit is like a fashionable uniform you can just put it on, when the match is good you will look dapper every time with very little hassle.


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