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The Attire of Ada Shelby

Ada Shelby, also known as Ada Thorne, widower of Freddie Thorne.

 Played by Sophie Rundle, Ada is the only female sibling of the Shelby children and throughout all seasons so far, has had more of a calming presence in comparison to the rest of the Shelby family. Her marriage to communist Freddie Thorne, an ex-friend of Thomas Shelby, caused family tension and disagreement. After Freddie's death, she moved to London to continue her support for the communist movement, and this sees Ada really grow into a strong-minded and independent woman. She takes helm of the U.S branch of Shelby Company Ltd at the start of series 4; but what does the final series have in store for her? We can only expect more sharp bespoke attires for herself, combined with such elegant details as she has already worn in the previous seasons - and we have selected our top 3 looks from the classy wardrobe of Ada Shelby.

Outfit #1

Series 5

The fashion of the 1920's became more about the glamour: the subtle luxuries; the art; the colour; and the boundaries that were pushed in female fashion. A woman growing with the time, this is one of the many fur-lined overcoats that Ada Shelby wore. It's a speckled blue tweed with hints of orange and yellow running through, fastened with a belt across the centre as the centre front wraps across like a double-breasted cut. The sleeves are finished with a noticeable five-button cuff either side, sitting high on the lower arm to expose the matching jacket sleeves underneath. It's the chunky fur-lined collar that adds the 1920's daytime glamour, alongside her dark green cloche with a folded brim and her burgundy gloves. She may not be as involved as her brothers; but when she makes an appearance, she knows how to stand out.

Outfit #2

Series 4

She's returned from America in series 4 and brought the 1920's American style with her to the streets of Birmingham as she wears a teal blue overcoat with her signature fur-lined collar once more. As was the fashion, the waistline was low to give a more elongated silhouette in ladies' fashion, so this was indicated through the darker blue velvet panel and a flapped pocket either side. Ada accessorised with a grey cloche hat and dark blue gloves, wearing a green tartan plaid dress underneath. The choice for her to wear a brightly coloured, luxurious overcoat against the dismal backdrop is truly symbolic of this newfound power and business acumen she now has - and she intends to use it well.

Outfit #3

 Series 6 Sneak Peek

Ada Shelby, series 6: "Take a good look Tom, 'cos one of us isn't gonna be here for long."

What's to happen to the Shelby family in the final series remains a mystery that we won't have to wait much longer to be solved; but Ada Shelby seems to be ready to fight and stand her ground in serious dapper nature, whatever happens. This sneak peek trailer shows Ada walking into the company's Birmingham office wearing a grey two-piece skirt suit with large patch pockets at the bottom of the jacket. The shoulders are padded and strong with a single vent on the back and buttoned cuffs for a more day-to-day suiting ensemble. The peak lapels are short as the fashion moves into 1934, wearing a small thin-brimmed hat and fur stole draped over the shoulder. With a blue roll-neck worn underneath and a jewelled feather brooch sits on the lapel, it isn't as flamboyant as the overcoats of the 1920's; but that doesn't matter when it's Ada Shelby. Her presence alone is strong enough to know that she has arrived.

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