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The Attire of John Shelby

John Shelby, one of the Shelby brothers and husband to Esme Shelby.

Played by Joe Cole (brother to Finn Cole), John Shelby becomes just as involved with the "Peaky Blinders", not afraid to take action in order to protect his family. He's already a father of four when we meet him in the first series, and is wanting someone to help be a mother figure to his children and become a family again. He's led by the influential decisions of his older brothers, Tommy and Arthur; but John isn't afraid to voice his opinion whilst helping to manage the books in the Shelby family business. His style has kept with the times, and now we delve into our top 3 of his attires.

Outfit #1

Series 1

It's one of the most iconic shots of the three older Shelby brothers, and John is the youngest of the trio. In comparison to his brothers, John wears a three-piece navy blue suit with his white shirt and the signature peaked flat cap, made from green tweed. The notch lapels sit high as the jacket is cut with a three-button front, much like the styles of the post-war era. Two flapped and one welt pocket sit on the jacket front for the classic tailoring features; but with a single-breasted waistcoat worn underneath with a high notched hem, it was clear that John Shelby knew how to dress and knew how to show that he was not someone to mess with.

 Outfit #2

Series 3

We move onto series 3 where John is now father to five (soon-to-be six) and his involvement in the criminal backgrounds of the Shelby brothers becomes more substantial. His attire changes to one that becomes a statement look amongst all the Shelby brothers as he wears pinstripe flat cap with his woollen navy blue overcoat. The double-breasted coat itself is designed with wide peak lapels to balance the broad shoulders and symbolise that status of power. The sleeves are finished with a four-button cuff and three pockets - including a third ticket pocket - sits on his right side. The three-piece speckled blue suit involves a double-breasted waistcoat with an eight-button front, the dapper nature of the suit enhanced through the gold chain hanging across the centre. The trousers are pleated for extra fullness and the collar narrow yet sharp, surrounding his patterned tie.

Outfit #3

Series 4

John Shelby"Anyway, we're Peaky Blinders. We're not scared of coppers..."

The vendetta against the Shelby family has begun, and the Shelby's are at risk after being sent the 'Black Hand'; but John and his wife Esme, who are living in the countryside, is slow to respond. His attire matches their new surroundings very well as he switches his dark three-piece suits and overcoat for a light brown overcheck jacket, woven with hints of green and orange throughout. He still wears the iconic flat cap, this one made from brown tweed which links nicely to the brown check waistcoat and matching trousers. The orange is very noticeable in this windowpane check design; but with his characteristics and for being a Shelby, his country attire is conveyed with such power and stance. The four-pocket waistcoat is finished with six buttons and a gold chain running from the centre to the bottom pocket. His white shirt is double cuffed and his jacket cut with a three-button front, finished with a brown satin pocket square - it was a refined look for John Shelby; a Peaky Blinder brother, husband, father and businessman.

Which attire of John Shelby's was your favourite across the seasons? Relive the best of the Peaky Blinders ensembles on our blog as we delve into all of the Shelby family, along with the characters they've had to deal with along the way.

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