The Closing Stages of Cannes Film Festival 2022: The Gentlemen of the Red Carpet - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Closing Stages of Cannes Film Festival 2022: The Gentlemen of the Red Carpet

The closing stages of the famous Cannes Film Festival - or Festival de Cannes - occurred on Saturday (28th May), bringing the iconic couple of weeks to a close. We've seen many, many looks take to the red carpets to watch a variety of film premieres, and the closing days didn't disappoint with the red carpet looks once more. Here are some of our favourite showstopper looks from the gentlemen of the Cannes red carpet during its final days.

Lee Jung-Jae

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When: 23rd May 2022 - "Decision To Leave (Heojil Kyolshim)" Red Carpet

Actor Lee Jung-Jae looked sharp in an all-black ensemble for this red carpet, wearing a black two-piece in the single-breasted cut. The jacket is made with peak lapels that sit flat against the chest, contrasting in fabric to match the button on the front and the four-button cuffs on the sleeves. The chest welt pocket is angled whilst the two flapped pockets are sitting straight. The actor's shirt is minimal with a covered button placket and short collar for his black bow tie, whilst a black satin cummerbund is worn around the waist. This pairs nicely with the satin side stripes on the evening trousers, whilst the hem on the slim trousers finishes over the boots.

Jimmy Jean-Louis

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When: 23rd May 2022 - "Decision To Leave (Heojil Kyolshim)" Red Carpet

Actor Jimmy Jean-Louis looked dapper in a double-breasted brocade jacket, paired with black evening trousers that are decorated with the signature black satin side stripe. The jacket is made with a contrasting satin shawl lapel, the six buttons on the front and the four on the cuffs covered in the same material for that cohesive finish. The welt pocket on the chest has a satin grey pocket square folded in which picks out the buttons on his dress shirt quite well. The top jet of the flapped pockets are also cut in the black satin, with the other details to finish being his bow tie fastened underneath the classic collar of the pleated dress shirt.

Samuel Le Bihan

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When: 23rd May 2022 - "Decision To Leave (Heojil Kyolshim)" Red Carpet

Actor Samuel Le Bihan went all out in a wine red evening suit with a matching bow tie worn underneath his wing collar. The shawl collar on the jacket is a slightly lighter shade than the suit, making it a sophisticated contrasting detail in the ensemble. It's fastened with a single button with smaller versions arranged in the four-button style on the cuffs, with other details including the classic welt and flapped pocket combination on the front of the jacket. The trousers are a straight cut with a subtle break near the bottom, whilst the hem sits just above the shoe and the centre crease being quite defined on the front. The waistband matches the shawl collar as the covered button placket dress shirt is tucked in.


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When: 24th May 2022 - "Cannes 75" Anniversary Dinner

Photographer JR kept it cool and casual for the anniversary dinner at Cannes, sporting a navy blue velvet two-piece with a wide shawl collar. The shawl collar is outlined in a blue satin binding, enhancing the shimmer of the velvet also whilst outlining the cool shape of the lapel. The shoulders are slightly rounded and the jacket is fastened with a single button with four smaller versions on the cuffs. A welt pocket is included on the chest, whilst his white shirt is fully fastened with a tall, sharp collar. The trousers are a straight cut and look cool with the hem falling onto his white trainers.

Jake Gyllenhaal

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When: 24th May 2022 - 75th Anniversary Celebration Screening Of "The Innocent (L'Innocent)" Red Carpet

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal donned a smart double-breasted look on the red carpet, styling with a light yellow shirt underneath worn open collar for that casual vibe. The jacket was fitted on the shoulders and cut with contrasting peak lapels, with the one featuring a buttonhole also. It was a four-button front with an angled welt pocket and two thin double jet pockets just underneath the waist, whilst the jacket sleeves were designed with four-button cuffs. The trousers were slightly tapered to the hem with a break, sitting just on top of his shoes and cut with side pockets at the top.

Joe Alwyn

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When: 25th May 2022 - "Stars At Noon" Red Carpet

Actor Joe Alwyn donned a contrasting ivory jacket for his red carpet attire, styled with a black formal shirt and evening trousers. The peak lapels were sharp and significant on the garment, contrasting in black to really make the jacket the talking point of the outfit. The jacket wraps to the one side with the fastening hidden for a smooth finish, designed with narrow, long flapped pockets below the waist and an angled welt pocket on the chest. The shoulders are softly padded but have a good tailored line to balance the lapel choice, whilst the trousers are tapered at the hem to sit over his boots. A black pleated cummerbund is worn on the waist for the finishing touch.

Gang Dong-won

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When: 26th May 2022 - "Broker (Les Bonnes Etoiles)" Red Carpet - The 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Actor Gang Dong-won dazzled in a sequined number during the red carpet, wearing a two-piece black suit and styling with a white dress shirt and black bow tie. The arrangement of the sequinned effect looks to be in a checkerboard, but randomly placed to make a unique design. The jacket includes peak lapels on the front, a welt pocket on the chest and thin double jet pockets on the front. The two buttons on the front are black finished with gold around the edge for that luxury feel, with smaller versions fastened in the three-button style on the cuffs. The trousers are a slim cut and finish just on the shoe.

Lukas Dhont

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 When: 26th May 2022 - "Close" Red Carpet

Film director Lukas Dhont sported red on this red carpet, opting for a two-piece velvet number with contrasting satin detailing around the lapels, collar and pockets. The peak lapels were wide and finished on a noticeable point, balancing out the padded shoulders and rounded shape on the top. With a bit of structure on the top, it's slightly contrasted through the subtle flare on the trouser hem. The single button fastening is centralised on the body with the single jet pockets just below, styling the suit with a white dress shirt that features a curved cutaway collar and narrow black tie.

Ahmed Sylla

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When: 27th May 2022 - "Mother And Son (Un Petit Frere)" Red Carpet

For the penultimate day of Cannes Film Festival, actor Ahmed Sylla looked sleek in a double-breasted attire with gold accents. The blazer was designed with a six-button front, all metallic gold and defined through the padded structure across the shoulders. The contrasting satin collar and peak lapels were sharp, enhancing the straight cut of the jacket hem and the centre front creases of the trousers. The trousers are cropped above the ankle for a cool finish, whilst the jacket cuffs are also completed with gold buttons and a white dress shirt completes the outfit.

Stephane Bak

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When: 27th May 2022 - "Mother And Son (Un Petit Frere)" Red Carpet

Also attending the film's premiere was actor Stephane Bak, who kept it quite relaxed on the red carpet wearing a mid-grey three-piece suit with a white shirt fully fastened underneath. The waistcoat was a single-breasted cut with all six buttons fastened underneath the two-button jacket. Notch lapels, welt pocket and two narrow flapped pockets featured on the jacket front, with relaxed tailored shoulders and black buttons on the cuffs. The trousers are slim and fall to sit just on his shoes with a break above and centre creases for a smart look.

Ladj Ly

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When: 28th May 2022 - Closing Ceremony Red Carpet

Film director Ladi Ly sported a blue ensemble for the final day of Cannes, wearing a two-piece suit with a covered button placket white shirt and black bow tie underneath the wing collar. The front of the jacket featured a narrow satin shawl collar, angled welt pocket and two flapped pockets, whilst the jacket cuffs were arranged in the four-button style. Fastened with just the single button, the trousers are decorated with the signature satin side stripe in black and the centre crease sharp enough to create a sharp suiting look.

Ming Dao

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When: 28th May 2022 - Closing Ceremony Red Carpet

Sporting a white dinner jacket ensemble for the finale of the 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival, actor Ming Dao paired the jacket with a pair of black trousers, with the hem falling on top of the shoes. The jacket itself is constructed with a smooth shawl collar that rounds off to a short flat edge on the centre front. Below is a singular covered button fastening with thin double jet pockets either side below the waist. Underneath is a sleek white dress shirt accessorised with a matching white bow tie and a satin pleated cummerbund, signing off in style.

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