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The Famous Hercule Poirot's Attire in "Death on the Nile"

Hercule Poirot, world famous Belgian detective, played by Kenneth Branagh.

 We saw Sir Kenneth Branagh star in the latest revival of Hercule Poirot in "Murder on the Orient Express" and now, his detective skills lead him once more a mystery aboard the SS Karnak in "Death on the Nile". Hercule Poirot is a man who is very particular about certain things, especially his impeccable style. He always looks his best, not a thread out of place or a tie slightly off-centre. Let's take a look at some of his sharpest attires in the film.

Outfit #1

The famous detective arrives at the club in London, layered in a double-breasted black overcoat and white silk scar which when removed, reveals his smart three-piece black tuxedo suit. He knows how to dress for the occasion, sporting single-breasted dinner jacket with silk/satin peak lapels and a white pocket square folded neatly yet sharply in the welt pocket. It pairs well with his white dress shirt that he styles with a classic black bow tie, still revealing the sharp points of his narrow collar. With his waistcoat, the detective accessorises this with a shiny gold pocket watch, a detail that is refined but represents how Poirot pays attention to every little detail.

Outfit #2

The warmer climate of Egypt won't stop the famous Hercule Poirot from sporting another fine suit, as we see him taking in the sights of the famous pyramids, whilst indulging in a small treat or two. The suit is a matching three-piece cream style, the jacket single-breasted in cut and his waistcoat double-breasted, a pairing most common through more of his suits. The jacket has a two-button front with four buttons on the cuffs, all a light brown shade for a lovely little detail to complement the cream. Flapped pockets are positioned near the bottom and a gold pocket square sits in the welt pocket, slightly obscured by the wide peak lapels. These balance the shoulders very well as they have a slight rounded shape to give a bit of height, another fine detail like the gold waistcoat chain he styles once more. The trousers are finished with a subtle centre crease, whilst his double cuff striped shirt is completed with gold cufflinks, a thin collar pin and a soft sand colour tie, an apt choice given his surroundings.

Outfit #3

The trip to Egypt finds himself attending the wedding celebrations of Simon and Linnet Doyle and of course, Poirot is well prepared as he sports his black evening trousers and waistcoat with a crisp white dinner jacket. The jacket features peak lapels and one button on the front, the four-button cuffs being the same fabric style for the evening attire. A flapped pocket sits either side of the jacket whilst in his chest welt pocket, he accessorises with a black pocket square folded neatly. It pairs splendidly with the black bow tie and is a great bold detail, aiding even more in making this ensemble a statement. He doesn't forget his gold waistcoat chain that is attached to the garment, nor does he forget his metallic cufflinks for his white double cuff evening shirt, epitomising the glamour and luxury of this 1930's wedding party.

Outfit #4

This is the first out of two bamboo suits Poirot wears whilst out in Egypt, this particular choice being a sand colour three-piece suit with hints of blue in the check weave of the design. The shape of the jacket is single-breasted with wide peak lapels and rounded shoulders, sitting over his signature eight-button double-breasted waistcoat. The welt pocket is cut to pattern match perfectly, accessorising with a smooth sand pocket square to complement the lighter tones of the suit. Light brown horn buttons can be seen throughout as his shirt underneath is one with a narrow collar that's kept in place with a thin collar bar. The collar itself is decorated with two parallel lines of brown stitching, a fine little detail outlined with a dark green basketweave tie underneath.

 Outfit #5

From one bamboo suit to the other, this silk grey bamboo blend is also cut in a three-piece form with Poirot's preference of a single-breasted jacket and double-breasted waistcoat as he explores the Abu Simbel temples. The cloth is a light grey shade with hints of purple running through the check design in a subtle way, contrasting the tones with a narrow collar smart shirt that includes muted tones of blue and grey. Once more, peak lapels are the preference on the jacket as a white pocket square sits in the welt pocket. Two flapped pockets are seen sitting level with the lower dark grey button of the two-button front, these exact buttons incorporated on the four-button cuffs and eight buttons on the waistcoat. The trousers are of a straight cut, the bamboo material allowing for sharp centre creases and neat turn-up cuffs on the trouser hem.

Outfit #6

This suit is where we see Hercule Poirot does what he does best: detecting. Aboard the SS Karnak, he sports a a dark blue three-piece herringbone weave suit which he pairs with a beige shirt, decorated with blue stripes and finished with double cuffs. The jacket is designed with peak lapels once more, rounded off on the points which lead down smoothly into the two-button front. The waistcoat is consistent with the eight-button front and pocketwatch chain, also finished with curved peak lapels outlining the neckline. The waistcoat is finished with a sharp straight hem and the trousers designed with a pleated waist for extra fullness in the cut, as was the style in the 1930's. To bring the look together, Poirot's tie of choice is brown and dark blue with a vintage (possibly deco) print, completing the classic attire.

What was your favourite attire worn by the famous Hercule Poirot? Be sure to check back on our blog for more classic and of course, sharp tailored attires from the cast of "Death on the Nile".

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