The Graham Norton Show 15 January 2021 - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Graham Norton Show 15 January 2021

For Series 28, Episode 13 of The Graham Norton Show, Graham welcome Keeley Hawes who has been in everything lately from The Durrels to Bodyguard to Summer of Rockets and now a new drama called Finding Alice. He also welcomed Noel Clarke, actor and writer, who is in the upcoming new series of Bulletproof: South Africa, which he created. Comic Daniel Sloss and Hollywood star and Australian actress, Rebel Wison joined. Finally, M Night Shyamalan talked about his new psychological horror series called Servant and the musical guests was Jake Bugg, performing 'All I Need.'

Graham Norton

We can't talk about the show without going over what Graham is wearing. For this episode, he wore a stunning dark navy two-piece suit in wool with a silky sheen with notched lapels and floral detail in silver that matched his button-up shirt and with a coordinating floral and dark grey tie. His trousers also matched the ensemble and the look is striking, especially against Graham's silver hair and skin tone. If you want to make a statement, a patterned suit is the way to go and if you get it in a more neutral colour palette like Graham's then it can be a subtle statement (over, say, bright red, purple, or yellow!). 

Noel Clarke

English actor, screenwriter, director and comic book writer, Noel Clarke wore a black two-piece wool suit with thicker notched lapels and a polo shirt with an interesting silver button detail in brown. 

In this clip, Graham discusses how Keeley Hawes and Noel Clarke were both on Doctor Who, but at different times. The clip also has Daniel Sloss discussing when he received a Lord of the Rings replica sword for his thirteenth birthday.

Daniel Sloss

Scottish comedian, actor and writer, Daniel Sloss wore a dark powder blue wool suit with thin notched lapels, accessorised with a martini glass pin and a round pin. He had his white button-up shirt collar and buttons unfastened and his hair is impressively coiffed. 

M Night Shyamalan

M Night Shyamalan who is an American filmmaker, philanthropist, and actor wore a black and red skull t-shirt underneath a light grey suede-textured blazer with pointed lapels. The stitching detail along the lapels makes the blazer unique.

In this clip, he discusses hanging out with Matthew Perry and the misunderstanding that ensued. 

Keeley Hawes

Keeley Hawes wore a striking silver gown with an 80s silhouette and silver heels to match.

In this clip, Keeley talks about filming during Covid-19 with a colleagues spouse stepping in as a body double.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel appeared on the show exercising in a red shirt and black leggings. 

In this clip, Rebel talks about rescuing her friend's handbag from the ocean and getting bashed against the rocks.

Which outfit was your favourite?

Which of these suit looks was your favourite? Would you wear any of these suits? As you can see, suit variety is as unique as each individual. If you want to design your custom look today, get in touch with our talented tailoring team.