The Graham Norton Show 15 October 2021 - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Graham Norton Show 15 October 2021

In Episode 4 of Series 29 of The Graham Norton Show, Graham welcomed Sir Billy Connolly, Jodie Whittaker, Tom Daley, Dame Eileen Atkins, Sir Lenny Henry, and musical guest Coldplay. Let's take a look at some of the fabulous outfits of the show this week.

Graham Norton

On the show, Graham wore an amazing three-piece purple suit (is he channelling his inner Dumbledore?). His button-up shirt was purple and red check finished with a purple tie. The button details add contrast to the look – and we think this look is classic in cut yet bold in colour. What do you think?

Tom Daley

Tom Daley is a British diver, Olympic gold medalist, specialising in multiple events, and a television personality. He's the first British diver to win four Olympic medals. He's known also for his knitting and crocheting hobbies, which he took up during the Covid-19 pandemic. During the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Tom unveiled the Olympic-themed cardigan that he knitted himself.

On the show, Tom wore a 1970s style two-piece suit in a brown-red colour with an unusual triangular notched shaped lapel style with military-style shoulders. The flapped pocket with a safety pin detail on the left flap added more details. Tom wore what looks like a hemp necklace and kept it casual with a loose-fitting black and white button-up underneath the suit, buttoned-down past his chest.

In this clip, Tom talked about the pouches that he knitted for his Tokyo Olympic gold medals. He also talks about the crocheted swim trunks and the cardigan he knitted for Team GB. 


Sir Billy Connolly

Sir Billy Connolly is a Scottish actor, retired comedian, musician, and presenter and now artist. He's sometimes known in Scotland by his nickname "the Big Yin." He is known for his Born On A Rainy Day collection and in 2020, Sir Billy unveiled his fifth release in the collection, which has been ongoing for ten years. 

On the show, he wore tailored green chinos and a black button-up shirt with artistic window patterns on it. He finished the look with a long beaded pink necklace and a colourful beaded bracelet.

In this clip, Sir Billy talks about how he enjoys dancing naked and a time he danced naked in Piccadilly Circus.


Chris Martin

Chris Martin is an English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and philanthropist and lead singer, pianist, and co-founder of the band Coldplay. 

On the show, Chris kept Graham's theme and wore a purple t-shirt with an embellished jacket with patterns, including a Manchester bee. He wore matching trousers and trainers. 

In this clip, Chris talks about how he started working with BTS. He talks about his time in Korea and meeting BTS.


Jodie Whittaker 

Jodie Whittaker is an English actress known for starring in Black Mirror and Broadchurch and is known as the thirteenth incarnation of The Doctor in the popular Sci-Fi series Dr Who.

Jodie also got the purple memo and wore a black jumper and black trousers with a purple velvet blazer with pointed lapels and purple sock boots. She finished the look with gold star earrings and purple eyeshadow.

On the show, she talked about her final season of Dr Who

Dame Eileen Atkins

Dame Eileen Atkins is an English actress, BAFTA winner for Best Actress for Cranford, and occasional screenwriter. 

On the show, Dame Eileen talks about discussing acting with The Royal Family and how she always says the wrong thing (unfortunately, no official clips) and she talked about pulling out of a role in Dune. She came on the show to promote her new book, Will She Do? 

On the show, Dame Eileen wore a purple velvet double-breasted two-piece suit with a purple star t-shirt underneath.

Sir Lenny Henry

Sir Lenny Henry is a British actor, comedian, singer, tv presenter and writer and founder of Comic Relief. 

Sir Lenny talks about his new "Rastafarian" look for a part and how his hair is like "having a small toddler attached to his head." He also did an impression of the Dr Who theme song if it was a Reggae album. 

On the show, Sir Lenny wore a purple corduroy suit with a green pocket square with a black polo. 

Which celebrity outfit was your favourite?

Which purple outfit was your favourite on this week's show? All of the guests, rather unusually, wore some variation on purple suits (except Tom). Which of these suits did you enjoy the most? 

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