The Graham Norton Show 19 February 2021 - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Graham Norton Show 19 February 2021

For Series 28, Episode 18 of The Graham Norton Show, Graham welcomed Oscar-nominee Rosamund Pike, discussing her comedy-thriller I Care A Lot. He also saw Gordon Ramsay in the studio who is hosting a new BBC quiz show called Bank Balance. Comedian and presenter Judi Love joined along with Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville who is playing Roald Dahl in To Olivia. Finally, Welsh rugby legend Gareth Thomas came on the show to promote his new book, Stronger. Ella Henderson and Tom Greenan were the musical guests, performing "Go Home Together." Let's take a look at the outfits on the show.

Graham Norton

Graham is a fan of embellished suits and he wore a two-piece grey suit with embroidered cuffs on the jacket and trousers. His jacket lapels are thin and slightly pointed and he wore an unusual shirt combination with a pastel purple and yellow candy-stripe button-up shit and a grey marble-effect tie that matches the suit. He wore black polished leather shoes to complete the look.

Gordon Ramsay

The well-known celebrity chef, restauranteur, television personality, and writer, Gordon Ramsay, joined the show to talk about his new hosting job but also joined in talking about triathlons and cooking with Gareth.

He looked smart in all black with a classic black two-piece suit with thin notched lapels. He wore a black button-up shirt and a stylish watch to accessorise. He finished the look with black socks and polished black leather shoes.

In this clip, Graham talks about how fans of Gordon send him awful food pictures in hopes of his witty responses and insults.

Rosamund Pike

British actress Rosamund Pike is known for her roles in Wives and Daughters, Love in a Cold Climate, Die Another Day, Pride & Prejudice, An EducationGone Girl and others.

Rosamund wore a beautiful black scalloped and net patterned dress with polka dots, a gold necklace with teardrop pearls, and gold hooper earrings.

In this clip, Rosamund talks about living in Prague with her husband and children and how they are finally teaching her Mandarin, which her partner and children already know. Rosamund talks about the phrase they told her to share with Graham. 

Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas is a Welsh former professional rugby player and was nicknamed "Alfie" during his professional rugby days. He talks about the press revealing he had HIV and him taking control of his own narrative.

Gareth looked smart in a khaki three-piece suit, looking like a country gentleman. The thick wool suit has a contrasting silk and suede collar around the back and has notched lapels. He wore a pink button-up shirt with a matching pink silk pocket square and accessorised with a smart lapel pin. He completed the look with red socks and brown suede shoes.

Gareth talks about the press after his Iron Man competition and his husband's reaction to Gareth's messages of support.

Which celebrity outfit was your favourite?

Graham always knows how to dress to stand out. He combined something unusual for this week's look. Gareth and Gordon wore classic style suits that will never go out of fashion and can be transformed with different shirts, ties, and accessories. Do you like a more classic look or to stand out? Which outfits from the show did you enjoy the most? 

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