The Graham Norton Show 22 October 2021 - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Graham Norton Show 22 October 2021

For Episode 5 of Series 29 of The Graham Norton Show, Graham welcomed Eddie Redmayne, Jessie Buckley, Stephan Merchant, Motsi Mabuse, Sir Elton John, and Charlie Puth. Let's take a look at the outfits of the night.

Graham Norton

Graham wore a classic navy single-breasted suit with pointed notched lapels. His cuff has a five-button detail. He changed up the look by wearing a festive green button-down shirt, a navy swirly-patterned tie, and a pocket square. Graham makes excellent use of colour and mixes dark fabrics with more colourful ones to give a more dramatic look. He always looks smart, put-together, yet unique. What do you think of this more 'mainstream' look this week?

Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant came on the show to promote his new comedy-drama series Outlaws set in Bristol.

Stephen wore a fun purple single-breasted suit with notched lapels. He wore his lilac button-up with an open neck which added a sense of casualness to his smart suit.

He wore matching purple socks and brown leather shoes. His suit was well-tailored, which is especially tricky for someone so tall! He looks really smart in this custom bespoke suit. What do you think about this bright colour?

In this clip, he talks about his mum working with criminals in community service. He talks about how these 'characters' from growing up inspired his show.  


In this clip, Stephen talks about how he went to a Bruce Springsteen concert and tries to participate in a crowd surf.


Motsi Mabuse

Motsi Mabuse talks about how she's in her third year on Strictly Come Dancing

On the show, Motsi wore a smart tuxedo-inspired black suit with silk shawl lapels. She has feather details at the cuffs and she is accessorised with beautiful gold drop earrings and strappy stilettos. 

In this clip, Motsi talks about talking to her sister and co-stars – and how Anton is now a judge.


Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen came on the show to promote his theatre work. He wore a smart single-breasted checkered suit with notched, graduated lapels in browns with a dark navy button-up shirt underneath.

He accessorised the look with a knitted grey hat and funky, cool trainers. Not many octogenarians have the ability to bring new trends to life – so he's stylish and talented!

In this clip, Stephen talks about working with Sir Ian on his show Extras. 


Which celebrity outfit was your favourite?

Which outfit was your favourite on this week's show? Did you enjoy Graham's look more tame look this week – or did you like Stepehen's, Sir Ian's, or Motsi's looks better? All of the outfits this week were unique and fun.

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