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The History Of The Jacket Ticket Pocket

Have you ever noticed a small pocket above the right hip pocket on a suit jacket and wondered what it's for? That's called a ticket pocket, and it's a great way to add a touch of elegance to any suit or sports jacket.

Ticket pockets are typically positioned about three inches above the hip pocket and are half as wide. They are commonly found on business suits, but many of our clients prefer to wear them on casual suits and special occasion suits such as wedding suits.

The history of the ticket pocket dates back to Britain before the Industrial Revolution. Countrymen who rode on horseback used them to quickly access coins at toll booths without having to unbutton their jackets. When men began commuting to the city, the ticket pocket was adapted for use on business suits, allowing them to easily store their train tickets.

Today, ticket pockets are mainly worn for aesthetic reasons. They are ideal for tall, slim men as they help fill up some of the empty space on the jacket. However, shorter men should avoid them as they can make their torso appear even smaller.

While the traditional ticket pocket has a straight or slanted flap, we also offer jetted styles for those who want the functionality of a ticket pocket but prefer a more subtle appearance. Although ticket pockets are not commonly found on off-the-peg suits, we offer the option to add them to any of our bespoke jackets, from suits and sports jackets to full overcoats.

In conclusion, the ticket pocket is not only a stylish addition to a suit or sports jacket, but it also has a functional history dating back to the days of horseback riding and commuting to the city. Whether you prefer a traditional or jetted style, a ticket pocket can add a touch of elegance to any suit, making it a great option for those who appreciate the finer details.

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