The Island Wedding - cream  3pce Suit - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Island Wedding - cream 3pce Suit

The Island Wedding out in the Baltic Sea, Kihnu in Estonia.


With the weather beginning to warm up, we thought it was only fitting to share one of our bespoke hand-made summer wedding outfits from Last Year, designed & created by the team for a summer get away.

The brief by Allar & his business partner Keanu who came to see us, was the Suit design had to complement the bride to be and the venue which was a small beach wedding in Kihnu, Estonia during the warm summer period. Ideally a beige, cream or light grey as the colour, preferably 3 pieces with a shirt.

We went to town as Allar is not a small framed gentlemen, those shoulders could put Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock" to shame! Not to mention the height at 6ft 4" 

Lucky enough all of our garments are individually cut from its own unique paper pattern (Fully Bespoke) allowing us to cut exactly for his shoulder angle & its exact measurements!

We sat down with Allar and worked through the colour requirements & the temperature of the venue in July and any additional requirements he might have needed!

That little island in the Baltic Sea, Kihnu in Estonia, would more than likely be 29 degrees during the wedding, not to mention the bride & groom and guests having to travel by boat to the venue.

Our hat goes off to Allar & Kristal for the mammoth task of organising the wedding on an Island, we cant thank you enough for sharing the image of the day with the team! Congratulations to you both you both really looked amazing!

The Design: 

The Jacket:
We cut a singe breasted 1 button, shawl lapel design. with slanted flapped pockets & with a double vent cut on the rear to allow for movement and for us to nip in the waistline of his Jacket. 
The shawl lapel was cut in 4" width adding some depth to the chest & drawing the eye naturally to the shoulders. 3 Buttons added to the true working cuff on the sleeve of the jacket. With one of our special flash cuff linings added also.


The Waistcoat: / Vest (for American cousins) 

The waistcoat was cut in a unique double breasted 3x3 button design with a horse shoe scoop neck. 
With a slimed down version of the jacket shawl lapel added to the front. 
Two pockets also added to the front of the waistcoat as standard, we did choose to add a extra breast pocket on the waistcoat front.  A great option for a soon as the jacket comes off. You simply pull out the pocket square for some flare which we cut in a white paisley pattern. The waistcoat was set off with a notched base instead of the traditional double breasted flat base.


The Trousers: 
Cut with traditional cross pockets, with both belt loops & adjusters added to the waistband for comfort and ease, allowing for a belt if deciding to wear one. Alternatively you can easily use the adjusters to keep the trousers up if the waistline changes at all!
Our trousers do also come with a shirt gripper inside keeping the all-important hand-made bespoke shirt inside the trouser waistband!


We cut for Allar a couple of options for the day, as you will see, we cut a pale blue & white Egyptian cotton shirt for him, we we also hand- made & cut the neck attire 1x Bow tie + 1x Tie both can be seen in the images.

We are pleased to share these images with you as to inspire others planning an island get away wedding!


We hope you all join us in wishing the happy couple the best of times ahead x 



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