The Ladies' Styles of Wimbledon 2022: The Opening Week - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Ladies' Styles of Wimbledon 2022: The Opening Week

The famous grass court tournament of the sport has returned to its famous SW19 postcode for 2022, with many of the top-seeded and highest ranking tennis stars playing over the two-week period to win the Wimbledon Championships. The sport is indeed entertaining to watch and certainly filled with drama and thrill; but the outfits are what we also look to take note of by the celebrities spotted in the crowd and attending across the days. During the opening week of Wimbledon, we spotted a few stylish smart/casual attires from the ladies who were there, with a few wearing Ralph Lauren.

Betty Bachz

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When: Day One at Wimbledon (27th June 2022)

Creative director and model Betty Bachz stunned in a cerise pink two-piece suit that was styled with a cropped white crew neck shirt underneath for that cool and casual stylish vibe. The jacket is a slightly oversized fit as indicated by the dropped shoulders, leading down into the four fabric buttons that are spaced out on the cuffs. The notch lapels are quite wide to match the oversizing of the shoulders, whilst the lapel line leads down into a two-button front. Thin double jet pockets are  situated below the waist with a welt pocket on the chest, whilst her trousers sit on the waist with a tapered leg and pleated front.

Camden Cox

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When: Day Three at Wimbledon (29th June 2022)

Songwriter Camden Cox looked cool and chic in a two-piece grey plaid check suit which she also styled with a cropped white shirt with a soft V-neck line. The peak lapels almost blend in seamlessly into the body of the jacket as the points are situated lower thanks to the longer collar. The collar length echoes the length in the jacket body and the low position of the two-button front. The flapped pockets sit level with the top button as the trousers are sitting high on the waist with a subtle tapered silhouette down to the hem. The length are slightly shortened so as not to distract from the white boots worn with the look.

Clara Amfo

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When: Day Four at Wimbledon (30th June 2022)

Radio DJ and presenter Clara Amfo also kept it casual and chic as she sported a dark navy blue/black three-piece suit with an accompanying cropped V-neck top underneath. The cloth included thin red pinstripes which were cleverly picked out through the choice of bag to really strengthen the vibrant colour in the suit. The jacket included padding in the shoulders and looked to be slightly boxy and oversized as the wide peak lapels balanced this out. The back featured a double vent and the front had a high button fastening to provide a longer line in the body. The trousers sat high on the waist with pockets on the front with a tall waistband and pockets on the front, as the hem fell to sit on the shoes.

Anna Wintour

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When: Day Five at Wimbledon (1st July 2022)

Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour's Wimbledon attire was quite artistic in the pattern and print of her garment as she attended the fifth day of Wimbledon. The top layer was a heavily embroidered scenic coat that was long in length but confident in the cut and line. Notch lapels featured on either side with two flapped pockets sitting just below the waist and the sleeve hems just finishing in line with the top of the shirt cuffs. Underneath was a different yet delicate print on the white cloth of this low-waisted dress, almost in the style of a 1920's dress. The skirt's length was almost level with the coat and completed with subtle pleating to add a bit of shape when the coat wasn't worn. The cuffs were single and collar was left open for the jewellery to add a subtle bit of shine.

Kadeena Cox

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When: Day Six at Wimbledon (2nd July 2022)

Paralympian Kadeena Cox looked elegant in a white floral lace summer dress for the sixth day of the event. Worn with a white spaghetti strap dress underneath, the floral lace was formed to create puff sleeves that were finished with a crisp white cuff and almost elbow-length. The front button placket was also created with a crisp white panel and finished with metallic-finish buttons leading down from the open collar. An additional floral lace bow is included and tied on the waist for that extra elegant finishing touch.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

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When: Day Seven at Wimbledon (3rd July 2022)

Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Wimbledon attire was sophisticated and effortless as she donned a navy blue matching silky trouser and shirt set. The shirt itself was worn open collar with white buttons spaced out down the centre placket. Across the shoulders, the placket, the waistband and down the trouser sides were sections of small white polka dots which formed such structure to this silky attire. The sleeves were also cut with the same polka dot design as they were rolled up to the elbows for that casual feel. The trousers were wide-legged with a soft centre crease down the front that falls into the wide hem, just brushing the floor with a tall polka dot hem. The small dots also form a repeated diamond pattern throughout, whilst larger buttons are included on the trouser sides.

Nicola Coughlan

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When: Day Seven at Wimbledon (3rd July 2022)

Actress Nicola Coughlan was also in attendance on this day as she opted for a tartan plaid check dress in a trench-style. The colours of the plaid pattern are quite apt for Wimbledon, as the collar and belt are designed in a contrasting camel collar to enhance the trench coat features. The same is included on the sleeves which are rolled up to the elbow to convey this contrast. There are five light brown horn buttons on the front with the collar left open, whilst other details include the belt to have the plaid check print on the other side and tall jet pockets below.

Michelle Dockery

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When: Day Seven at Wimbledon (3rd July 2022)

Looking modern in a sleek tailored ensemble was actress Michelle Dockery, who donned a matching light cream waistcoat and trousers. The waistcoat was a single-breasted cut with a matching back and belt adjuster in the same colour to strengthen the monochrome styling. Side notches were included on the hemline with a wider notched hem on the front. It was fastened with four small tan buttons with two tall single jets also incorporated onto the front, whilst the V-neck was narrow but sharp. The trousers included a pleated front which followed through to the defined centre creases, further leading down to the flared hem that just brushed the floor.

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