The Late Late Show with James Corden, 1-22 September 2021 Recap - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Late Late Show with James Corden, 1-22 September 2021 Recap

The Late Late Show with James Corden returned in September with a range of guests including Clive Owen, James Arthur, David Duchovny, The Killers, Patrick Stewart, Vance Joy, Ron Funches, Justin Quiles, Dr Phil McGraw, Teddy Swims, Drew Barrymore, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Cobie Smulders, Regina Hall, Cedric the Entertainer, Gillian Anderson, Angela Bassett, Ken Jeong, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Suni Lee, Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, and Bill Gates. Let's take a look at the outfits for the first three weeks of the show's return. 

James Corden

In the last few weeks, James's most fun look has been this three-piece single-breasted pointed lapel bottle-green suit with wide lapels with a buttonhole detail. The sleeves have contrasting tortoiseshell buttons that match well with the khaki tie and crisp, classic white button-up shirt. This suit is a perfect look for looking sharp and different with a bold colour choice but staying safe with cut and style. 

In this clip, James talks about his night at the Met Gala and talks with Regina Hall and Cobie Smothers from their dressing rooms as well as gives an update on the news. 

Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy

On the show, Nicole wore a black turtleneck jumper and a sparkly silver fringed, sequinned high-waisted midi-length skirt and silver pointed-toe shoes. She wore a high ponytail and accessorised with drop earrings.

Melissa wore a black turtleneck long dress with a white satin floral jacket over the top and brown slip-on heels.

James wore a classic dark single-breasted classic three-piece suit with a white button-up shirt and a silk blue tie and brown leather shoes.

In this clip, Nicole and Melissa talk about their characters in their new show, Nine Perfect Strangers and practice their Australian accents.

In this clip, Melissa talks about ways she's environmentally conscious. Nicole and Melissa talk about celebrating their wedding anniversaries. James teases Nicole about her Instagram post for her fifteenth anniversary and Melissa talks about celebrating sixteen years of marriage. 

Gillian Anderson and Cedric the Entertainer 

On the show, Gillian Anderson wore a beautiful black fabric, white linen, and brown leather--shoulder detailed dress with ruffles at the sleeve with cut-out details on the side where she finished the look by elegantly belting the dress and pairing it with strappy black heels. Cedric wore a bold powder-blue suit with a striped white and purple button-up shirt underneath with a complimentary pocket square, a bold beaded necklace, and a tan hat with a rainbow ribbon along the brim. James wore a green and navy tartan three-piece suit with a light blue button-up shirt and a black silk tie with a bee detail on it. 

In this clip, Gillian, Cedric, and James talk about having 'the talk' with their children.

Cobie Smulders and Regina Hall

Cobie came on the show to discuss Impeachment: American Crime Story and Regina came on to talk about her role in Nine Perfect Strangers.

On the show, Cobie wore an elegant shawl lapel single-breasted cream blazer with a delicate low-necked silk shirt underneath with a high-waisted ballerina-style skirt, belted at the waist with sparkly strappy heels. Regina wore a gorgeous long-sleeved sequinned dress with strappy black heels.

In this clip, Regina is talking about her home renovations and how she keeps getting kicked out of the Marriott because you have to move out for one night to stop squatter's rights. Cobie talks about passing her citizenship test. 

Which celebrity outfit was your favourite?

All of the outfits on the show for the last few weeks were elegant and smart – from three-piece suits to elegant gowns. Which look was your favourite? Which suit look would you recreate?

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