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The Outfits of Michael Gray

Michael Gray, son of Polly Gray and cousin to the Shelby's.

Played by Finn Cole, Michael Gray was not involved with the Shelby family until series 2 when Thomas sets out to find him for Polly. Taken away from Polly at a young age, his upbringing was kept quiet in a small village and known by Henry, rather than his birth name. After reuniting with his mother, he becomes an accountant at Shelby Company Ltd. Much to his mother's attempt to keep him away from the true Peaky Blinders dealings, he slowly slips into the role. Series 5 ends on a turbulent path regarding his relationship with his family and his mother after the Wall Street Crash and the emergence of Sir Oswald Mosley, all whilst being newly married to Gina, whom he met whilst working in America. The development and growth of Michael's character has certainly been reflected in his wardrobe, and so we have selected our top 3 outfits worn by Michael Gray.

Outfit #1

Series 2

Michael Gray has been reunited with his birth mother, met his new family and become a part of the life in Small Heath. He's still yet to find out the true goings on of what the Shelby brothers do; but he's starting to grow up and this suit is a perfect indicator of that. He wears a dark striped three-piece suit with hints of a muted green tone in the cloth. The jacket is finished with short notch lapels and the shoulders are tailored well with a rounded shape for a subtle strong line. His shirt is striped, possibly olive coloured or brown as the rounded collar contrasts and can be removed. His patterned tie is red, tucked nicely behind his single-breasted waistcoat with a six-button front, the bottom left unfastened as was the popular trend. From this, the notch is angled higher to show the double pleats leading from the trouser waist. The waistcoat has four matching jet pockets, two either side as we begin to see Michael Gray's begin to form.

Outfit #2

Series 4

From the boy who wore bow ties with his check suits when we first were introduced, to Michael Gray: chief accountant of Shelby Company Ltd. whose experiences since being part of the family have shaped him. His suit choices become darker and here, he wears a woollen three-piece grey suit styled with a black cashmere wool blend overcoat. The suit jacket features a two-button front and wide peak lapels to mirror the strong shoulderline. Two double jet pockets feature on the front with an extra ticket pocket on his right side. The waistcoat features four jet pockets again, two either side and the bottom two holding a waistcoat chain in place. Five out of six buttons fasten it together as it sits over a striped white shirt once more with a smaller rounded collar, perfect for the thin dark navy blue tie with light blue and red pattern. The trousers are pleated again yet slim, whilst the coat finishes at the knee. All that is needed is the iconic peaked cap and it's a true Peaky Blinders stance.

Outfit #3

Series 5

 Michael Gray, series 2: "I just told you. I make up my own mind."

The late 1920's/early 1930's American style made its way into the style of Michael in series 5 as he returns back after the Wall Street Crash to his family, where it didn't particularly end on good terms. Here, Michael sports a grey double-breasted three-piece suit, cut with a pinstripe weave in the cloth and a six-button front. The flapped pockets sit just below the waist that's fitted, enhancing the strong shape across the broad shoulders. The wide peak lapels are sharp, contrasted by the softer notch lapels on his three-button cashmere overcoat. The shoulders are slightly broader to ensure a good fit with the suit underneath, extra details including a welt pocket on the chest and ticket flapped pocket above the double jet pocket. His shirt is designed with a round collar and collar pin to keep it in place for a clean finish; but will Michael Gray be getting his hands dirty once more in the final series? Time will tell.

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