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The Perfect Wedding Guest Attire!

If you're looking ahead to what to wear to weddings you've been invited to next year, why not opt for a bespoke suit of your own? It doesn't have to be the bride or groom that wear a bespoke suit of their own for the big day! Not only would it be great to wear to weddings, but each item can be worn for your work attire or as part of a smart/casual outfit. The versatility will always remain woven into the attire, and Jay's wedding guest attire is a perfect example of a suit you could wear.

Jay opted for a two-piece that was mid-grey in colour and paired with a white blouse underneath. The jacket itself was a single-button design with defined peak lapels on the front that certainly had a sharpness to them. The front button and three buttons on each cuff would blend into the garment thanks to the colour matching, allowing the bottom contrast buttonhole to stand out in a lovely way. Flapped pockets were the style of choice as they were incorporated below the centre button line, whilst an angled welt pocket sat on the chest. Inside, the lining was a plain satin two-tone purple piece which would also be available as a pocket square, should Jay choose to style it as such for a further pop of colour in the attire.

The trousers were cut with a straight edge fastening on the waistband with belt loops and hooks to secure in place. The silhouette of the garment itself was a tapered, slim-line cut with a defined centre crease on the front that enhanced the bespoke finish of the suit very well indeed. The hem would sit nicely just over the tan shoes, just as the ruffled blouse would tuck into the waistband well without distorting the decorative feature on the front. The ruffles would add elegance and texture to the outfit, whilst the cuffs were also ruffled to strengthen these characteristics even more. The Nehru collar was the best style for this shirt, ensuring it wouldn't overlay or distract from the centre ruffles themselves.

Jay's wedding suit attire was a perfect choice, and one that Jay looked incredible in!

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