The Return To Work: Inspiration For Your Office Style - Ladies Edition - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Return To Work: Inspiration For Your Office Style - Ladies Edition

More and more of us have now returned back to the office or are preparing to do so after what has been a very long time away. With working from home, loungewear and comfy clothing has been the popular choice of attire! But to make you feel more ready for that return to a busy working environment, we at A Hand Tailored Suit have collated some fine examples of ladies' workwear attire to ensure you're ready for the office life once more - and there's only one place to begin...

Sharp Suits

A well-tailored, fitted suit (either single or double-breasted) is always great to make you feel very determined for the day ahead. The feeling you get as soon as you throw on your best suit or blazer is fantastic and that confidence within you is brought to the forefront! It makes you feel empowered and certainly that is a great feeling to have for your first day back in the office after a long time away.

Actress Blake Lively has always been a style inspiration when it comes to some sharp and very chic suits, particularly her three-piece navy pinstripe ensemble she wore in the 2018 film "A Simple Favour." It's such a strong and iconic look, showcasing why pinstripe suits are the definition of a power suit indeed. The waistcoat cropped to allow the high-waisted trousers more attention with their pleats and the sharp lines on the jacket and trousers is just brilliant: a suit beaming confidence and pinstripe will always remain a stylish, classic choice. Throw on a double-breasted waistcoat or jacket and you certainly have a boss vibes piece.


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Peak lapels on a double-breasted jacket create a stronger line to the silhouette and make for a refined feature in the attire - don't forget about the classic notch lapel or the option for no lapels at all. Style over the shoulders during your commute to work, a double-breasted jacket looks great worn fastened or open: and of course, never forget the interior pockets for extra practicality on any jacket. Scroll across for more double-breasted suits that would be great for work.

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Mix and matching your suiting attire can also be done and look just as strong too. You could wear either pinstripe, check or trousers/skirts that include a texture in the cloth styled with a plain blouse and jacket over the top, or a contrasting coloured jacket to the shirt and trousers to make it a subtle feature but still professional.

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Shirts and Blouses

 Never forget a smart formal shirt for that return to office. A classic white shirt never goes amiss, but other colours such as cream and blue are classic examples of coloured work shirts available in a plain weave, twill or Oxford: but there's always bolder colour and patterns to choose from if that's more you, like the contrasting white collared blue shirt above, accessorised with a blue tie. Long sleeved with double or single cuffs, 3/4 sleeves, V-neck blouses, pussybow blouses or standard buttoned shirts, worn with or without a tie, what style preference?

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Or, as we begin to approach the autumnal and colder weather, opt for a stylish and sleek roll neck knit instead.


It's only fitting to include a smart overcoat when on your daily commute to work as the cooler weather begins to set in soon. Trench coats are great for those wetter days or during a crisp Autumn morning, but you can't go wrong with a cashmere/wool overcoat either. If your suit of choice for the day is a plain cloth and your shirt also the same, use your overcoat as the defining feature of the office attire.

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Even though the warm, sunny days are making their way for the colder season, there's nothing stopping you wearing bright vibrant colours to the office if you wanted.

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Are you ready for that return to office? Seen something that has caught your eye and are feeling inspired for a new tailored piece? Get in touch with our talented bespoke tailoring team today!


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