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The Sartorial Attire of Darby Sabini

Darby Sabini, also known as Charles "Darby" Sabini, a British Italian gang leader from London, enemy of Thomas Shelby.

Played by Noah Taylor, Charles "Darby" Sabini was notorious in the second series of "Peaky Blinders" for becoming Thomas Shelby's enemy, all at the same time Tommy was dealing with Major Chester Campbell too. Sabini was well-known in the racecourse industry and his gang was the leader of other gangs involved. He attempts to partner with Alfie Solomons; but it would soon turn into him into the common enemy of Tommy and Alfie. Sabini's attire would need to portray his status of a gang leader and head of the family - which it certainly did. Here are 3 of Darby Sabini's best looks.

Outfit #1

Series 2

A double-breasted suit cut from a pinstripe cloth? That definitely will establish his position and wealth as a notorious gang leader in the racecourse industry. Pictured in episode 2, Sabini sports a light grey suit with wide peak lapels very assertive of his role. The shoulders are padded and strong to elevate his position further whilst the top of his waistcoat is just visible underneath the jacket. The lapel buttonholes are neatly sewn in, not a thread out of place whilst he accessorises the welt pocket with a black pocket square, decorated with pink polka dots. His tie is the same print, except with cream polka dots on the black tie which is secured underneath his narrow white collar. To finish, a gold tie pin is secured in the middle of the time for a subtle flash of wealth.

Outfit #2

Series 2

He's about to meet with Alfie and for the occasion, sports a rather well-tailored overcoat, styled with his grey trilby hat. Like his suit pictured above that he wears underneath, the overcoat is a double-breasted coat finished with wide peak lapels. The lapel corners are rounded so match the softness of the woollen/cashmere garment, the buttons matching the colour of the coat and the grey lapel edges just showing underneath for extra depth. The scarf Sabini wears is a white and grey polka dot design too, conveying Sabini's manner of knowing how to dress well and co-ordinate his attire.

Outfit #3

Series 2

 Darby Sabini, series 2: "Alfie, you and me, we've been fighting since we was at school. Now also, we've been friends. You know, it goes backwards and forwards."

Being a fan of his well-tailored suits, Sabini continues to show off his bespoke wardrobe and opts for a light grey three-piece suit in a single-breasted cut in this particular episode. The peak lapels have remained as the jacket is designed with a three-button front and high waistcoat. He opts to wear purple accessories to blend nicely with the grey through a purple tie under his wing collar and matching pocket square in the welt pocket, completed with an artistic print. For extra sartorial elegance, Sabini wears a floral purple and pink boutonnière on the one lapel, conveying his bespoke style for sure and distinguishing himself from the dark overcoats and peak caps of the Peaky Blinders.

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