The Wardrobe of Inspector Chester Campbell - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Wardrobe of Inspector Chester Campbell

Chief Inspector Chester Campbell, promoted to Major Chester Campbell and enemy to Thomas Shelby.

Played by Sam Neill, he remained the iconic and number one enemy to Thomas Shelby in the first two seasons of "Peaky Blinders." He's sent to Birmingham to investigate missing armoury and soon establishes himself as a common face in Small Heath, soon becoming an enemy of Thomas Shelby and developing a way to take him and the Shelby family down. His personal corruption and behaviour soon comes to the forefront, developing a jealously towards Thomas' love for Grace, all leading to his dramatic last appearance in the final episode of series 2. His wardrobe is unique amongst the other leading characters, and these are just 3 outfits from his wardrobe.

Outfit #1

Series 1

 Arrives Chief Inspector Chester Campbell to the streets of Small Heath, pictured on his horse and starting to take control. As he takes his stance, he wears a three-piece charcoal grey wool blend suit, styled with a crisp white shirt and accompanying grey tie. The tie is secured in place underneath his rounded collar and tucked behind the six-button waistcoat. The jacket has notch lapels, but the attire is made smarter with the waistcoat addition and to complete the look, a sand-coloured coat. The coat features sleeve belts and a wide collar that heavily contrasts the thin notch lapels folded back.

Outfit #2

Series 1

A signature three-piece suit paired with a well-tailored overcoat becomes the signature style of Chester Campbell in series 1, not forgetting his black bowler hat of course. Pictured with Grace, Campbell's suit is a textured dark grey with a narrow tie, a subtle polka dot pattern noticeable up close. With his position and occupation, he can ensure he looks sharp as the herringbone tweed overcoat is designed with a contrasting velvet collar and the well-tailored shoulders once more. The front buttons are large and two flapped pockets, along with a third ticket pocket, sit immaculately on the waist.

Outfit #3

Series 2

Chester Campbell: "In all the world, the only thing that interests me is the truth."

His promotion from Chief Inspector to Major is clear, not only in his attitude; but also his attire. His preference for three-piece suits and this time, he accessorises with a pocket watch chain on his waistcoat and a polished black cane with a gold carving at the top. Peak lapels have a distinct connotation about them, and these peak lapels are wide to mirror the broad shoulders and his new position. The contrasting black collar aids in the definition of the lapels as the ticket pocket style continues into his series 2 overcoat. The rounded collar white shirt, the tight knot on the tie and his signature bowler hat really defines Major Chester Campbell; yet we know, it's a battle he does not win.

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