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Venice Film Festival 2022 Is Here: Gentlemen of the Red Carpet

The iconic Venice Film Festival returned yesterday for its 79th year of the glamorous event. This year, it is taking place between 31st August to the 10th September 2022 at Venice Lido, where we shall see many films screened and many celebrities take to the red carpets across the days. Already on the first night, we've seen such glamorous looks and statement styles worn by those attending the opening ceremony and the premiere of "White Noise". Here are some of our favourite looks worn by the gentlemen on the red carpet.

Regé-Jean Page

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Keeping it classic on the red carpet was actor Regé-Jean Page, donning a black two-piece Giorgio Armani smoking suit tuxedo with a white covered placket evening skirt and black bow tie. To elevate the suit, the jacket's texture was enlarged and prominent in a modest way. It was fastened with a single button on the front and the curved line of the wide peak lapels were smooth, mirroring the smooth shine of the jacket itself. It featured a welt pocket on the chest and two double jet pockets below the waist with buttons on the cuffs. The trousers were a straight-leg cut with the tuxedo satin stripe down the sides and the hem just sitting on the shoes, sharpened through the front centre creases. Just behind the bow tie, a two-chain collar pin can be seen for that subtle coolness of the attire.

Oliver Cheshire

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Model and designer Oliver Cheshire also sported a two-piece Giorgio Armani suit on the red carpet yesterday, cut in a dark navy cloth and finished with contrasting peak lapels and waistband on the trousers. The suit was styled a little more casually thanks to the blue chevron patterned shirt underneath, worn open collar and designed with what could be a contrasting crushed velvet button placket and collar down the front. As one fabric covered button was the main fastening on the front, a further two buttons were situated on the jacket's cuffs. Further details included a narrow welt pocket on the chest and two single jet pockets below the waist. The centre front would curve round to the straight hem as the trousers were finished with the classic satin side stripes and centre front crease of the slim-leg design.

Don Cheadle

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Wearing a mid-blue shade of suit on the red carpet was actor Don Cheadle, whose two-piece attire was accessorised with a covered placket white dress shirt and a printed bow tie that brought a little extra dapperness to the look. The jacket featured soft padded shoulders that were rounded to deliver an extra strong line across the top, balanced out splendidly through the wide peak lapels which, in themselves, were sharply executed. The single button was the main front fastening with matching buttons spotted in a four-button cuff arrangement on the sleeves. With a welt pocket on the chest, two jet pockets were placed lower down and surrounded by a curved patch, almost looking like patch pockets at first. The rounded corners of the patches echoed the curved corner of the jacket hem, whilst worn over a pair of straight-leg trousers with a break above the ankle and the hem sitting on the shoes.

Ted Sarandos

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CEO of Netflix was in attendance during the opening ceremony of the film festival and for it, wore a classic navy blue evening suit with a smooth shawl collar on the jacket. It would be fastened with just the one button on the front and designed with contrasting double jet pockets below the waist as the welt pocket would be incorporated on the chest. Four-button cuffs were featured on the jacket sleeves as they would allow some of the double shirt cuffs to be on show, including the cufflinks as well. The shoulders were softly padded and the trousers were a straight-leg style with the traditional centre crease and hem sitting just on the shoe. For the evening shirt, he would sport a white classic collar design with matching navy buttons down the front, accessorising with a black bow tie to finish.

Christian Louboutin

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Designer of the famous red sole shoes, Christian Louboutin opted for a black double-breasted suit for his red carpet look yesterday. The jacket was a classic six-button front (3x3 style) with thin double jet pockets either sided and the traditional welt pocket on the chest. The peak lapels were kept in the same cloth as the suit, sharp in finish and with a buttonhole embroidered on each one. The shoulders had a subtle roundness to them to lift the shoulderline, whilst the hem was straight and crisp in contrast. The trousers were slim with a subtle centre crease down the front and the hem sitting on the shoes, but not so to distract from the marble-like pattern of the loafers. A matching patterned bow tie was worn underneath the collar of the white shirt, showing a bit of toned down sheen through the cloth.

Paolo Stella

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Actor and blogger Paolo Stella looked the part for the red carpet wearing a statement Giorgio Armani white two-button jacket with a smooth shawl collar and four-button cuffs on the sleeves. A welt pocket could be seen on the chest with two thin double jet pockets positioned below the waist for a crisp look. The trousers were of a straight-leg design with the classic centre crease enhancing the sharpness of the tailoring, whilst the hem was finished above the loafers. The centre front line of the jacket would curve round smoothly to the straight hem, whilst a buttoned plain dress shirt was worn underneath. The collar button would be contrasting as a tiny statement detail before completing the ensemble with a classic black bow tie underneath the standard collar.

Below are some more suave suits from those who attended yesterday's opening ceremony. Which piece was your favourite?

(In order of appearance: Luca Tommassini; Bobi Wine; Giulio Base; Sam Nivola; Pelayo Díaz)

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