Could the “Great Gatsby” achieve what Wall Street did in the 80’s for the Suit?

The great Gatsby sees a return to the decadent 1920’s.

F. Scott Fitzgerald takes us back to 1922, just after the First World War! A time of prosperity in the United States! The age of “John D Rockefeller” & “Howard Hughes JR”.

A time when industrialists ruled and shaped the world to what we know it to be today!

These true titans of their time had broken all boundaries! They have become immortal some would say and so has their style ……the 1920’s dandy!

The foundation was set, the United States had entered a prosperous era and as a result of its role in the war, came out onto the world stage. Social customs and morals were relaxed in the optimism brought on by the end of the war and the booming of the stock market.

The nationwide prohibition on alcohol was ignored by many. There was a revolution in almost every part of human activity. Fashion was no exception!

Before we take a look at some of the fantastic outfits from the Great Gatsby we should tip our hats to Brooks Brothers for producing the wardrobe for the film!

“A truly amazing recreation of arguably one of the most influential eras in fashion”!

Ladies and gentlemen, we take a look at the Great Gatsby and his wardrobe of 1920’s vintage attire!

Firstly its leading man: could there be a more elegant looking lead? Leonardo Dicaprio must have been born to play this era! His powerful facial features highlighted by the use of peaked lapels within his suiting designs!

Tom Ford would be impressed for sure as an ambassador of the use of peaked lapels!

The peak lapel! It is so fitting of this time. The peak lapel draws the natural eye-line to the face and the facial features by using the width of the wider lapel thus creating a powerful, statuesque & opulent style of fit!

Bespoke can influence the eye! By using the body’s natural benefits! This could be facial features, broad shoulders or even a broad chest. When your natural body profile or pattern has been captured correctly it can control the lens by creating a very powerful silhouette.

Below you see this with Leonardo as Gatsby, creating a statement by using the peaked lapel! Then drawing the eye line back in by using a colour coordinated pocket square!

You can see this look again below, used equally as well with a lighter colour cloth.

Peaked lapels a single breasted 2 button jacket and flat fronted trouser making a great summer suit, set off with a contrasting waistcoat cum vest! Please do note the matching pocket square to the waistcoat!

Wonderful eh! – Could you carry this off? …..A great look for grooms and groomsmen this year!

I suppose the bigger question is: will Gatsby get his lady?

We found some other great looks here from the film and era using tailoring techniques.

From left to right we have an elegant evening suit with a wider lapel creating a wider shoulder shape with a narrow waist created by a low fitted waistcoat.
Next we have a morning suit , with contrasting footwear to set off the contrast waistcoat! Please also note the use of the peaked lapel again for that statement look!
Then we move onto our third outfit a tweed jacket with a notch lapel and contrast waistcoat and fashionable bow tie in front of a white collar on a blue shirt! If you look closely even though it’s the same model his shoulders look slimmer! As your eye line is drawn to his waistcoat and bow tie! A slightly less formal attire!
Finally we have a contrasting Jacket, these are known as either boating jackets or even a smoking Jacket! After dinner attire the simple pocket square colour co-ordinates the light coloured trousers for a formal look! Darker colours are used on the torso for a slender looking silhouette!

“Mr Dicaprio” we can certainly say you have dressed suitably for the era and stand shoulder to shoulder with your predecessors below!

It wouldn’t be right not to mention the previous elegant gentlemen who have also played “Jay Gatsby”!

Alan Ladd, the dashing Robert Redford and our own Toby Stephens! They all look so elegant! Contrasting colours also used with bespoke tailoring can set you apart from the normal attire!

Robert Redford here bringing the “1974” version of the Great Gatsby to the screen, if your looking for a statement e

ensemble this could be it! A three piece suit wider notched lapels used! And the eye catching double breasted 6 button waistcoat used, with a flat base! What do you notice first?

Was it that eye catching double breasted waistcoat? Or the rounded white collar on the shirt!

We hope to be seeing the Great Gatsby and its 1920’s fashionable look influence trends for the next 12 months at least!

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You should not allow a garment to wear you !!! … YOU should wear a garment and control its fit from the start!
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