What can I expect at an at-home bespoke tailoring appointment? - A Hand Tailored Suit

What can I expect at an at-home bespoke tailoring appointment?

You might not know that we offer an at-home measuring service. It’s a perfect service for those who are understandably wary about going out during the Covid-19 pandemic, for those who simply don’t have the time to travel to the studio, or for those who just like to do whatever they can from the comfort of their own home. So, here’s what to expect at an at-home bespoke tailoring appointment. 

The tailor will come to your door with everything he needs

Back in February before we had lockdown, the fabulous tailor Liam came incredibly smartly dressed to my home, wheeling a suitcase of samples up the snowy walkway. My dad was getting a suit fitted for my wedding and I wanted, of course, the very best. My dad has a rare genetic disorder and he’s in a wheelchair but he can stand for very short periods with the aid of sticks, so I thought the bespoke at-home service would be more comfortable for him than driving to the Birmingham studio. 

Liam promptly arrived at the time appointed and set up everything he needed, including his laptop to record all of the many (many) measurements he took. It helps if you have an internet connection where you can share your WiFi code but that’s not necessary if you don’t feel comfortable with that. 

Measuring up and customisation

First, Liam had a chat with my dad about what he wanted out of a suit, what the occasion was, what kind of look he was going for and showed him different fabrics. There are a lot of options for shirting, suiting, linings, buttons, even stitching colours so it helps to have an idea in mind but the tailors can help you if you haven’t got an idea. 

Next, Liam took meticulous measurements and recorded them all. He asked my dad questions like how loose does he like the jacket to fit and does he like room in the collar and how long does he like his cuff to poke out. My dad, since he’s sitting in a wheelchair, requested that the length of his trousers be much longer than usual so that when he sits down you don’t see a mile of sock! There is no detail un-remembered (too many for me to list) and no detail the tailor doesn’t go through. Anything is customisable and Liam goes through what different options look like and provides recommendations along the way. 

That’s not to say that it will take hours and hours of your time. It won’t it’s a relatively quick process, an hour and a half at most but longer if you want. 

How far do you travel?

The travelling tailors like to keep within a 50-mile radius of the Birmingham Studio but will travel up to a 100-mile radius. We also periodically visit the Manchester studio and can travel from there.

How much does this service cost?

We have two payable fees covering home visits. Please get in touch for pricing. 


The whole process is like having a full shop come to you with a personal designer in your own home, a sort of celebrity treatment. Liam was really friendly, personable and conversational. He made my dad and I feel comfortable. He completed the process efficiently and helped guide my dad on the long list of questions and bespoke offerings available. 

Liam explained the cutting time, the process when the suit arrives back in, and when he can expect the final product. And, guess what? My dad looks a million bucks and he’s so happy with his suit! 

Want this bespoke service in your home?

If you want one of our talented tailors to visit your home for your initial consultation, contact our tailoring team today. We create high-quality, custom-made suits in a range of styles, fabrics, linings, cuts, colours, and customisations; the sky’s the limit. 

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