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What do the new regulations mean for weddings: Northern Ireland?

71% of couples have had to postpone their wedding due to Covid restrictions in 2020 and 2021. Around 12,500 weddings have been cancelled each week say estimates. The restrictions on weddings have impacted over 60,000 wedding businesses and over 400,000 wedding workers in a sector that is worth approximately £14.7 billion. Many in the sector and couples have been troubled that specific guidance hasn't been addressed but the government in its recent Monday, 14 June 2021 announcement has provided a little more clarity. Here's what the new regulations mean for weddings in Northern Ireland after 21 June 2021.


Wedding numbers

  • There is now no longer a 10-person cap on weddings in Northern Ireland, but the number is determined by a risk assessment for the specific venue, which may impose caps on guest numbers who can safely social distance
  • No restrictions are placed on sitting at the 'top table' 
  • Other tables are restricted to 10 people


Where weddings can take place

  •   Weddings must take place at a Covid-secure venue



  • Food and drink must not be consumed at the ceremony except where it's required for religious purposes


Music and dancing

  • Singing, chanting, and music are not permitted
  • Dancing is not permitted except the couples first dance
  • No live music is permitted
  • Recorded music must only be played at 'an ambient level'


Masks and social distancing

  • Venues have to mitigate risk by ensuring the social distancing can take place
  • All guests must wear face coverings throughout the day
  • The exception is the couple and the officiant and children under 12
  • Everyone including guests, attendees, and officiants should social distance two metres from anyone they don't live with or are not part of the same support bubble


We will keep you updated on any new developments and our thoughts are with couples who have had to postpone and reschedule multiple times. If you need to order a suit for your special day, get in touch with our talented tailoring team.