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What do the new regulations mean for weddings: Scotland?

About 12,500 weddings are being cancelled and postponed each week. Couples have been hugely impacted by changing regulations and around 71% of couples have had to postpone and reschedule their wedding due to Covid restrictions. Over 60,000 wedding businesses and 400,000 wedding industry workers have been impacted in addition to couples. The sector is estimated to be worth £14.7 billion, so it's a sector that many feel has been ignored with unclear government guidance. Here's what the new regulations mean for weddings in Scotland from 9 June 2021.

In Scotland, the rules on getting married vary depending on the part of the country since parts are at different Covid-19 levels. Most of Scotland is currently at Level 1 and 2 with some islands at Level 0. 


Wedding numbers

  • Level 0 – up to 200 people can attend a wedding
  • Level 1 – up to 100 people can attend a wedding
  • Level 2 – up to 50 people can attend a wedding
  • At all levels, the numbers include the couple, witnesses, guests (including children of all ages), carers, and staff not employed by the venue (such as your photographer)
  • Numbers will depend on the venue's capacity


Where weddings can take place

  • Weddings can only take place in private dwellings if one of the couples is seriously ill or disabled, meaning they're unable to get married anywhere else
    • No more than six people are permitted to attend weddings at private dwellings
    • These numbers include the couple, two witnesses, a celebrant, and an interpreter (if needed)
  • Your wedding must take place in a Covid-secure venue
  • The venue must take action to minimise all potential risks of spreading Covid-19
  • Venues will determine the capacity limits of the venue so that physical distancing between households can be adhered to


Foodservice and receptions

  • Receptions are not permitted in Scotland at this time except in areas of Level 2 and below
  • Food must be served at tables
  • No buffet service is permitted
  • No shared items are permitted such as salt and pepper shakers, water jugs, condiments, etc.
  • Vendors must adhere to food service guidelines 
  • Alcohol is permitted at wedding receptions in Levels 0-3


 Reception end times

  • Level 0 – closing time should be in line with licensing requirements
  • Level 1 – indoor hospitality is required to close by 23:00 hours
  • Level 2 – indoor hospitality is required to close by 22:30 hours
  •  Level 3 – indoor hospitality is required to close by 22:00 hours
  • Events must close and guests must leave the venue at these times


Music and dancing

  • Dancing is not permitted
  • The exception is the couple may have the first dance
  • Live music at receptions may be permitted with appropriate mitigation in Level 2
  • Recorded music is permitted but only to be played at a level that allows normal conversation without raised voices
  • A singer or musician or bagpiper can play music to guests with appropriate mitigations


Masks and social distancing

  • Guests should be able to observe a 2-metre social distance
  • Different households should observe social distancing
  • Carers do not need to distance from the individual they care for but count as part of the numbers
  • Levels 0-2 do not need to distance from friends and family during the ceremony
  • You may have someone walk you down the aisle but the advice is that the person is in the same household or maintains physical distance of 2 metres
  • Face coverings must be worn by all guests except for the couple during the marriage ceremony 


We will keep you updated on any new developments and our thoughts are with couples who have had to postpone and reschedule multiple times. If you need to order a suit for your special day, get in touch with our talented tailoring team.