What to Wear This New Year’s Eve 2019: Ladies’ Edition - A Hand Tailored Suit

What to Wear This New Year’s Eve 2019: Ladies’ Edition

As the British weather gets colder, who wants to be stuck on a night out wearing something that’s barely there? Here are ways to stay fashionable not frosty! Let’s take a look at what ladies could wear this New Year’s Eve 2019.

Velvet Suits

Velvet suits have been all the rage at recent runway shows. Velvet is a luxurious fabric with a short, dense pile, which gives it that soft feel. Since the production of velvet used to be prohibitively expensive, the fabric has often been associated with royalty and nobility. There are many types of velvet (crushed, chiffon, devoré, and embossed to name some popular ones). The fabric is rich and warm and sure to please at any party (whilst remaining incredibly comfortable).

For your New Year’s celebrations, you can go all black or colourful with coloured velvet being a sleek, elegant, and popular choice this year. For undergarments, many opt for blouses, lightweight jumpers, or simply nothing! Single-breasted cuts are popular with flared trousers, but many double-breasted styles use embellished buttons to add extra stylish details. You can choose a loose cut, fitted, high-waist, low waist, whatever cut and colour suits you best, but you’re sure to feel sleek in velvet. Pair with heels or flats to suit any aesthetic.


Sequinned Suits

Another suiting trend that has lasted the past couple of years is sequinned suits. Sequins are a disc-shaped bead that used to be made of shiny metals, which along with the time it took to affix them to garments were valuable. Now, sequins are commonly made of plastic and are either stitched flat to fabric or at a single point so they dangle and move.

For New Year’s Eve, sequinned suits provide that extra pizzazz and sparkle so you can feel like you’re truly celebrating the new year. Like velvet, a suit on a night out or to your party can be a warmer option than a dress. Sequinned suits, like velvet, come in a variety of cuts and looks–from single-breasted to double-breasted with notched lapels or pointed and everything in between. These suits can have a single-button closure or have a tie waist or be a boxy or fitted cut, whatever suits your style. You can pair with heels, flats, or trainers but it may be best to leave your big accessories at home as sequins already make a statement (without the need for jewellery)! Many celebrities opt to leave their shirts at home and go for a bralette instead.


Blazer and Jeans

If you want a look that’s a little more casual, you can always go with a classic blazer and jeans looks. A fitted, tailored blazer smartens up any look, especially paired with heels or you can opt for a less fitted blazer, a jumper, and boots. The possibilities are endless. From blouses, t-shirts, bralettes, and more for the shirt to the different blazer and jean styles, you can go full-on accessories or keep it low-key. 

A blazer and jeans can look casual or dressy as well as chic and stylish. You can opt for patterned blazers to add interest or keep it monochrome. Just see how varied these looks are.


Did you find inspiration?

Were you inspired by these looks to create your New Year’s Eve outfit? Tell us your favourite look in the comments below. Will you choose a suit for NYE or go for a dress or jumpsuit or another look? Let us know.

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