What to Wear This Summer for Men - A Hand Tailored Suit

What to Wear This Summer for Men

Neutrals are the men’s colours this season and the best tailoring is still in style. It’s okay to dress down your suits with t-shirts and trainers or be creative with shirting (such as denim, embroidered, coloured shirts, and more). It’s all about looking stylish while beating the heat. Let’s take a look at what to wear this summer for men.

Daytime events

For daytime events, it’s all about the smart trousers paired with a button-up that breathes. We have an alternative with denim and a new take on the suit as seen in the Fall runways. White is a predominant colour to keep things bright. Linen suits are in especially in neutrals and pastels like light blue. But if you still have that navy suit in your wardrobe from last season, you can pair it with a crisp white shirt and jeans for a summer look. If you need to be smarter, pair your white shirt with a pinstripe suit which adds brightness to the outfit. Add loafers for a more comfortable look. But, the classic black suit is stylish no matter the time of day!


Evening events

For evening events classic tailoring in dark colours, tweeds, or light linens are always winners. We have a blue, purple, and grey single-breasted tweed with a white shirt and navy tie. Next, a brown tweed with a blue shirt and navy tie (and added pocket details and pocket-square details). Another fashion statement for summer would be a pastel linen suit, cropped trousers, and leather loafers. If you’re going to a more formal event, you can mix it up with a dark green tux with contrasting black lapels. The final look is a navy suit with bright button detailing that matches the blue tie colour. It’s all about the navy the white shirt and the blue ties this season!


For the beach or a daytime stroll

Tailoring with shorts can work for the beach (or at least walking to it) and gone are traditional sandals and now you can bring your bright leather shoes to the beach too. Some of these beach looks may be less ‘practical’ but they are certainly stylish. When wearing a neon yellow short suit with a colourful shirt underneath, you can drape the jacket over your shoulder and keep the shirt unbuttoned. A cooler look is white shorts, a cotton tank, flip-flops, a linen lime green blazer, and a straw fedora. If you’re heading to the tennis, why not get a red tennis polo and pair it with white shorts and trainers. If you want to feel like you’re in a 2000s Abercrombie ad for the beach you can opt for the go-to khaki shorts, bright swim trunks, and shower sandals. It’s all about the bright colours to attract the summer sun.


What do you plan to wear this summer?

Whether your look is sleek for the evening, powerful for the boardroom, or summery for a garden party, we can accommodate all your tailoring needs. Do you have an event upcoming? Do you need help choosing the perfect tailoring this summer season, a style that will last for years? Contact our tailoring team today. Be the best dressed!

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