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12 Month Fit Guarantee

  • 12 Month Fit Guarantee

12 Month Fit Guarantee



Our fit guarantees are designed to give you peace of mind throughout the year. Whether you want to lose a few pounds in the summer or gain a little in the winter, we've got you covered.

We understand that having something custom-made to fit your unique body can be a bit concerning if your weight fluctuates. But there's no need to worry with our fit guarantees. We've thought ahead and added extra inseam to all of our garments, so you have the option to take them in or let them out if needed, now or in the future.

We pride ourselves on offering truly sustainable clothing. So, you can trust that our garments will last, even as your body changes.

To learn more, simply contact our tailoring team and discuss the fit guarantee that suits you best. Rest assured, the guarantee covers both jackets and trousers for the specified duration.