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Royal Ascot 2022: What the Gentlemen Wore

It was the return of the Royal Ascot last week as it took place over a five-day period between Tuesday 14th and Saturday 18th June 2022. As is made known before attending the Ascot Races, a dress code is adhered to, and this means we can always look forward to seeing what fine examples of tailoring and accessories the spectators would be wearing. Below are just a few of our favourite ensembles as worn by the gentlemen at this year's Royal Ascot.

Cyrill Ibrahim

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When: Day Two at Royal Ascot (15th June 2022)

Pianist Cyrill Ibrahim looked sharp in a charcoal grey morning coat with accompanying trousers for the second day of the Royal Ascot, the light just showing a subtle stripe design woven into the cloth. Paired with a white shirt that featured a classic collar for his black striped tie, the waistcoat was a double-breasted cut and a subtle pop in the overall attire. It was a soft light blue in colour with smooth lapels and finished with six buttons on the front with a straight hem. The tailcoat included peak lapels and a straight welt pocket with four fabric covered buttons on the cuffs before completing the attire with a navy blue patterned pocket square and the classic top hat.

Ed Westwick

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When: Day Three at Royal Ascot (16th June 2022)

Actor Ed Westwick sported a black morning coat on the third day of Ascot, styled with a classic pair of grey and black thin striped trousers that include a soft centre crease on the front and break in the hem. The blue lining of the coat can just be seen for a little pop of colour, complemented by the golden yellow tie the actor accessorises with. The peak lapels are sharp, balancing out the structured shoulders well as the golden double cuffs show through the jacket sleeves. The waistcoat is a lovely beige shade (almost champagne gold) with lapels that sit fairly high on the chest. The pocket square matches well to the garment underneath for a cohesive finish.

Malachi Kirby

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When: Longines at Royal Ascot, Day Three (16th June 2022)

Actor and writer Malachi Kirby's attire was featured of a black morning coat with sharp peak lapels and a buttonhole embroidered into the one. The welt pocket was angled and left as it, whilst the coat itself could be fastened with just the single button on the front. Underneath was a beige double-breasted waistcoat with a hint of a sand or pink undertone to the colour. It included eight buttons on the front and tall single jet pockets either side with a smooth lapel neckline. The burgundy tie picks out the colour well of the waistcoat as it's fastened in place underneath the white shirt collar. Four buttons are added onto the coat cuffs and the grey trousers include thin black stripes throughout.

Robert Lindsay

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When: Day Five at Royal Ascot (18th June 2022)

Actor Robert Lindsay was also spotted in attendance at this year's Royal Ascot as he paired a black morning coat with a pair of black slim trousers and a grey single-breasted waistcoat. The peak lapels were of a standard width, almost level with the width of the collar for a classic look. The trousers included a centre crease on the front for that touch of sharpness, whilst the notched hem of the waistcoat also emphasised this. The neckline of the waistcoat finished middle of the chest with a five-button front; but this also gave good attention to the rich purple tie and its silver tie clip worn with it. The white shirt collar was slightly curved to compensate for the wide knot of the tie, whilst a slightly lighter burgundy satin pocket square worn in the coat's welt pocket.

Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

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When: Day Five at Royal Ascot (18th June 2022)

Attending the final day with his wife Princess Beatrice was Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi who, for his attire, donned a black morning coat which curved down and round to the back quite smoothly. The peak lapels and collar and edged in a satin finish for that little bit of definition around the tailored lines whilst underneath, a lemon yellow double-breasted waistcoat was worn for that summery pop of colour. It was designed with an eight-button front and a flapped pocket positioned either side. Just like the morning coat, it seems the waistcoat was also decorated with a noticeable edge around the lapels, pocket and fastening, again adding definition and depth. The trousers were a charcoal grey with the classic centre crease and the hem falling onto the shoes. A white pocket square sits in the welt pocket to match his white shirt.

Paul Ince and Rio Ferdinand

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When: Day Five at Royal Ascot (18th June 2022)

Former footballers Rio Ferdinand and Paul Ince opted for a more casual approach to the tailoring, but still looked smart for the event. Starting with Paul Ince, he donned a navy blue single-breasted waistcoat with a four-button front and notched hem. Thin double jet pockets were incorporated either side with a flat neckline, leaving his blue and white gingham check tie to be on show. The tie is a great choice as it picks out the navy in the waistcoat/trousers and the white of his buttoned shirt. Rio Ferdinand sported a darker navy double-breasted attire, designed with a six-button front and "kissing" cuffs on the jacket sleeves. The peak lapels were sharp and quite tall on the chest, with the slightly angled welt pocket styled with a white pocket square, finished with a navy edge. His shirt was also white worn with a white tie.

Scott Wimsett

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When: Day Five at Royal Ascot (18th June 2022)

For his final look of the five-day Royal Ascot, Scott Wimsett chose to wear a navy blue morning coat that was lined in a matching satin, finished with black detailing around the collar and peak lapels as it followed through to the centre front edges. The shoulders were padded and well structured, styling with a white pocket square in his welt pocket to echo the collar on the shirt. The grey trousers were finished with black stripes as per the style commonly worn with morning coats; but the waistcoat was a subtle statement. Dark green in colour and double-breasted in cut, it was finished with cream piping around the edges and lapels to pick out the matching eight buttons on the front. The pocket flaps either side were quite narrow, whilst the straight hem really gives it that powerful impact.

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