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The Attire of Alfie Solomons

Alfie Solomons, Jewish gang-leader based in Camden Town.

Played by Tom Hardy, Alfie Solomons has been very much established as a strong character in the show. His relationship with Tommy Shelby is always kept on its toes through the occasional betrayal that Alfie has done across the Shelby man; but the end of series 5 has them partnering together once more against Sir Oswald Mosley. Being a gang-leader in London, whilst also heavily involved in the racecourse and rum industry, Alfie knows how to operate a business - and his attire does show for this. Let's look at the best 3 outfits of the man that is Alfie Solomons.

Outfit #1

Series 2

Welcome, Alfie Solomons. Series 2 was when we witnessed the first encounter between Alfie and Tommy. London meets Birmingham: Camden Town meets Small Heath. He's a busy working man in his rum distillery, so his attire showed for this as he wore an apron or protective garment over his trousers, whilst his waistcoat was left unfastened and his beige cotton shirt worn with the sleeves rolled up. The collars were also left open as the waistcoat was a thick layer, sewn with vertical padded lines with double jet pockets in-between. He would ensure any new person he meets, they understand his position thanks to his golden jewels and the pocket watch seen hanging over the apron. He's a man of business, and he made sure that was understood.

Outfit #2

Series 3

 He's wanting to make a smart impression on Thomas Shelby in this scene (or rather yet, make his status known) as the waistcoat is completely fastened and the crisp white shirt also styled with the collar closed. The overcoat is charcoal grey in colour and styled with a subtle rounded notch lapel as he seems to wear a three-piece suit underneath, the jacket lined in grey. The trousers have thin dark grey stripes running throughout, contrasting the speckled design of the waistcoat cloth. All five buttons are fastened, three out of the four single jet pockets on the garment not being used; but the gold chains and accessories hanging in front, as well as hanging from his trouser waist, signifies that Alfie knows his worth - and knows how to intimidate others.

Outfit #3

Series 4

Alfie Solomons: "Never give power to the big man."

Alfie arrived in Small Heath in this particular moment wearing one of his long overcoats that's designed with a contrasting velvet collar, a feature commonly seen amongst the coats in the show. The peak lapels are very short and the shoulders are broad to continue his definitive characteristic. Double jet pockets sit on either side and the welt pocket on the chest is quite wide, the cuffs turned up on the long sleeves. His black trousers are cut with pockets on the sides and accessorises with braces and a gold chain attached to one side. The white shirt is loose and worn open collar whilst his brown waistcoat underneath, finished with a smooth curve to the hem, is also left unfastened. Of course, the finishing touches are his signature cane and hat to signify that Alfie Solomons is in town. Never forget the flowing scarves either.

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