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The "Bullet Train" Travelling in Style: The Cast's Costumes and Attires

Released in UK cinemas on 3rd August 2022, the action comedy thriller "Bullet Train" has certainly delivered in those categories within the movie world. The film is based on a Japanese novel by Kōtarō Isaka titled "Maria Beetle" released in 2010, but translated and published in English in 2021 by Sam Malissa.

With the majority of the film occurring aboard the Japanese bullet train, we see a former assassin called Ladybug (played by Brad Pitt) spring back into action and given the job of a retrieving a silver briefcase. Of course, it seems a simple mission; however, when aboard a train with other assassins who all seem to be travelling with missions of their own, it becomes a little more complicated for Ladybug, who just wants to complete a mission smoothly. Just as they all have missions of their owns, they also have styles of their own taste too as seen in the film, and we're going to be delving into some of the cast's costumes a little more.

Introducing Ladybug himself (played by Brad Pitt).

His first mission back meant that he would need a disguise to ensure he could find the briefcase on the train and exit off the train without raising any eyebrows. For this, the character would sport a plain dark brown canvas coat in a double-breasted cut. The length of the coat is appropriate for this style which is definitely more casual and on Ladybug, finishes below the top of the green trousers. The flapped pockets on the front of the jacket are slightly rounded, whilst the notched collar and lapels are wide with buttonholes embroidered on them, should he decide to completely fasten the coat to the neck. Underneath, the casual disguise continues with a matching green jacket and trouser ensemble with a white crew neck top worn underneath that. The green jacket fastens with a zip all the way to the classic collar neckline, whilst two angled jet pockets are situated near the bottom and the sleeves rolled up to the elbow. The trousers are finished with a flat front and the hem sitting loosely over his shoes.

From a very casual-dressed assassin of Ladybug to someone with more of a sartorial sharpness, we have Tangerine (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson), one of the brotherly assassin duo in the film. Sharpness to match the name, the British assassin dons a blue pinstripe three-piece suit and wears it with a light blue shirt underneath, finished with a contrasting white or cream collar to show he means business. The jacket is designed with a two-button front and peak lapels that include a lapel buttonhole on the one side. The shoulders are padded and create a strong tailored line that really enhance the business acumen a pinstripe suit traditionally delivers. Two flapped pockets feature at the bottom whilst the chest's welt pocket is styled with a white pocket square. The waistcoat is also a single-breasted cut with a five-button front and tall single jet pockets near the bottom. The notched hem is wide and the neckline is without lapels so as not to distract from the navy with yellow print tie. The trousers include belt adjusters on the waistband and tailored with a subtle centre crease leading down to the hem.

Of course, Tangerine needs a sartorially sharp coat to complete the look, so what better option than to match with your brother and show you both mean business? Lemon and Tangerine show how to look the part in brown and blue overcoats with belted raglan sleeves, short notch lapels and stand-up collars.

Maintaining the sharpness but in a slightly more subdued and casual attire is Lemon (played by Brian Tyree Henry), the other half of the British duo. For his attire, Lemon sports a dark navy denim jacket and trousers which he spruces up with a formal white/cream buttoned shirt (cleverly matching Tangerine's shirt collar) and, for the finishing touch, a beige nude plaid tie with a pink undertone. As you can already see, Lemon pops the denim collar over the coat collar for extra comfort whilst looking a bit dapper too. The denim jacket itself features two button-down flapped patch pockets on the chest with what appears to be two extra elongated jet pockets below. The denim jacket does have a certain shirt element to it too with the very narrow element of notch lapels underneath the pointed collar. The seams are distinguished through the orange stitching to add more depth and create quite a distinctive hem. The trousers are fitted and worn with a tall turn-up hem, whilst other details include a six-button front on the jacket, single cuff sleeves and the subtle accessorising of his red trouser braces which can be seen in the video above.

Travelling in style on the bullet train whilst also undercover with a mission of her own is The Prince (played by Joey King), whose monochrome attire is bright but in keeping with the British schoolgirl disguise. The jacket is baby pink and designed with a soft, rounded collar on the top and flapped patch pockets on the chest. The pocket flaps themselves are finished with an extra pink panel to link itself nicely to the other pink shades in the attire and the collar detail too. The shoulders are slightly rounded given the thickness of the wool with matching pink buttons down the front. Underneath the jacket is a rose pink knitted V-neck jumper tucked into a dark raspberry pink pleated skirt. The short-sleeved shirt is salmon in colour and finished with turn-up hems on the cuffs, whilst the classic collar keeps her coral pink tie in place.

 From The Prince to the howling Wolf, he too is on a mission of his own as he seeks Ladybug to avenge his wife's death during their wedding. The wedding attire from that point remains worn by the character (played by Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio a.k.a Bad Bunny) till he gets on the bullet train, with the Mexican assassin sporting a white jacket and trousers with a black buttoned shirt worn underneath. The jacket is slightly long in the body with the centre front edges enhanced through contrast stitching that leads from the peak lapels and collar. On the one lapel, he still wears his wedding boutonnière and behind, the jacket yoke is decorated with a delicate black floral print seen too down the flared hems of his trousers. A double vent is included on the back of the jacket and a wide black belt with a large gold buckle is worn around the trouser waistband. Two buttons make up the main jacket fastening, whilst extra patterns feature near the hem of the body and sleeves.

Father and son, The Elder and Yuichi Kimura (played by Hiroyuki Sanada and Andrew Koji respectively) are too passengers on the train with motives of their own and whose attires also differ from one another. The Elder dons a dark grey woollen robe with wide sleeves and a slightly darker contrasting panel bordering the centre front of the garment. Underneath, he wears a lighter grey speckled wool jacket which fastens off-centre to one side, finished with a soft lapel edge before accessorising with a plain white formal shirt and grey wool blend tie. His trousers are cut from a subtle check cloth which continues his smart way of dressing, whilst his son Kimura follows the more dress-down code by sporting a safari-style navy jacket with brown suede detailing on the collar and patch pocket flaps. On the outer sleeve edges are further brown suede patches with a similar colour shirt layered over his mid-blue denim shirt. The shirt is then tucked into a pair of grey trousers, whilst Kimura's attire is complete with the loose denim wash scarf.

Leaving a sting as she goes is "The Hornet" (played by Zazie Beetz), who manages to board the bullet train and disguises herself as train staff in the uniform. The uniform itself is a tailored jacket and knee-length skirt with a two-button front. Notch lapels are the style of choice for the formal attire, whilst the shoulders are slightly rounded, as too is the hem leading round from the centre front edge. Pockets are featured below the jacket waistline whilst a light shirt and matching navy blue tie is worn to complete the uniform, distinguished through the three parallel lines running across the one side. As with "The Hornet", many (if not all) of the assassins on this train are all connected somehow to a head of a criminal organisation:

The White Death.

Played by Michael Shannon, The White Death makes an appearance at the end of the bullet train's journey and is awaiting in style wearing a long dark grey/blue patterned robe with a sharp contrasting red quilted shawl collar down the centre. The red quilting is also included on the ends of the sleeves to showcase his status by wearing an extravagant garment. The trousers are also a dark shade to echo the same colour featured in the robe, designed with a narrow waistband which keeps his off-white shirt tucked in. The shirt he wears open collar to expose some of his tattoos underneath, whilst carrying a richly decorated sword next to him.

As Brad Pitt's character indicates in the film, his code name Ladybug might acquire him some good luck this time around in his line of work; but how shall his luck fair on the "Bullet Train"? And which attire is your favourite in the film?

If you haven't already, check out the trailer for "Bullet Train" directed by David Leitch below! 


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