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The Outfits of Audrey and Nick Spitz in Murder Mystery 2

Netflix's Murder Mystery 2, released in the UK on March 31st, loosely picks up where the original 2019 movie left off. Nick and Audrey Spitz, played by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, have set up a detective agency after successfully solving billionaire Malcolm Quince's murder in the first film. However, their new business could be doing better. In the middle of trying to get their agency off the ground, the Spitzs are invited to a friend's wedding on a private island and become embroiled in a high-profile kidnapping. Can they prove their own innocence and solve the case? Watch the trailer below. 


 Set in Hawaii and Paris and featuring an Indian bridegroom, the film is perfectly positioned for some spectacular costumes. Let's have a look at the outfits some of the characters donned in the movie. 

Jennifer Aniston as Audrey Spitz

Jennifer Aniston plays Audrey Spitz, a former hairdresser who is now working tirelessly to become the best detective she can be. Throughout the film, she proves knowledgeable, quick-witted, and brave. Her clothes range from "American on holiday" to "beautifully attired Indian-wedding guest", all styled by costume designer Debra McGuire.

Audrey arrived on the private island for the wedding in an exquisite emerald green keyhole halter-neck blouse, a white wrap skirt printed with an abstract pattern, brown leather wedge espadrille sandals, and a straw basket tote bag - a relaxed outfit for a supposedly relaxing holiday. 


Audery's stand-out look from the film was definitely the traditional white beaded lehenga by famous Indian designer Manish Malhotra that she wore in the wedding scenes. 


At the end of the film, in a chilly Paris, Audrey dressed for the occasion in a black turtle-neck sweater, black jeans, and a chic yet warm black double-breasted wool coat with brass-coloured buttons and faux fur trim along the collar and opening.


Even though she's in the middle of a kidnapping with murders and explosions on all sides, Audrey still manages to look stylish and put together in this over-the-top off-white ostrich feather coat.


And for the film's denouement, with all its action and excitement, Audrey looks glamorous in a one-shoulder black lace mini-dress with sheer black tights, crystal-embellished pointed-toe pumps, and a full-length cream wool evening coat. Perhaps not the most appropriate outfit for dangling from the Eiffel Tower, but she pulls it off!

Adam Sandler as Nick Spitz

Adam Sandler plays Nick Spitz, a former police officer trying to build a private detective agency with his wife, Audrey. Sandler is well known for his casual looks, even turning up to red-carpet events in shorts and hoodies. His character Nick appears to have the same simple style. Throughout the movie, the character sticks to his comfortable roots while trying to dress more formally for the special occasion.

Like Aniston, Sandler's stand-out outfit in the film was his cream wedding sherwani, a long coat-like top worn with churidar trousers that are loose around the hips and thighs but gathered at the ankle. Of course, Nick Spitz combines the look with a pair of sparkling white trainers to ensure his comfort!


While in cold Paris, attempting to deliver the ransom money, Nick reverts to his informal roots and bundles up for the weather in an orangey-red sweater, grey zip-up hoodie, and combat-style brown jacket with patch breast pockets, brass buttons, and epaulettes.


In the film's climactic scenes, Nick dresses to match Audrey's formal lacy black dress. He mirrors her colour palette, wearing a cream single-breasted suit, a black shirt, and a gorgeous black wool double-breasted trench coat with notch lapels and padded shoulders. He opts for no tie to add the character's signature relaxed style and dons a pair of Air Jordans instead of a classic evening shoe. 

Adeel Akhtar as The Maharajah

Although he is the bridegroom, we don't get to see many of the Maharajah's looks as he has been kidnapped! However, beautiful examples of traditional Indian wedding attire can be seen on many of the guests during the first third of the film, including the Maharajah, who wears an exquisite sapphire blue button-down kurta-jacket worn over a lighter blue patterned full-sleeved kurta. This is a more modern approach to traditional Indian kurta-pyjamas. The Maharajah blings-up the outfit with strings of pearls and black and gold sunglasses that match his over-the-top personality. 

Mélanie Laurent as Claudette

Mélanie Laurent plays Claudette, the Maharajah's French fiancee. She is suspected of being a gold digger and engineering the kidnapping. For the wedding, Claudette wears a beautiful scarlet lehenga set with elaborate gold thread embroidery, a matching dupatta (shawl or scarf), and intricate gold and red jewellery to tie the whole look together. 

Enrique Arce as Francisco

Enrique Arce plays Francisco, the playboy CEO of the Maharajah's company. His womanising and subsequent brood of children give him a motive for the kidnapping. During the wedding scenes, Francisco chooses a more Western-style outfit with a pronounced Indian influence. His black three-piece suit has a beautiful jacquard pattern, and the edges and collar of the jacket and waistcoat are exquisitely embroidered with gold thread.

The Takeaways 

There are many more characters and fantastic costumes. These were just a few. Watch the film on Netflix to decide which looks were your favourite. Which of the ones we featured did you like? Did you enjoy the traditional Indian dress?

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