Shipping Update:

June 2022 -

We appreciate their has been a lot of news regarding the UK departure from the EU and we want to ensure that you continue to enjoy your shopping experience with A Hand Tailored Suit free from concern.

Shipping To Europe:
Since the UK left the EU in January 2021 we have arranged to ship all European orders direct from our main production department outside of the UK to all customers located within the Eurozone to date no reported additional charges have been reported on shipments from Nepal, Kathmandu to the Eurozone.

Shipping from The UK To Europe:
We have reported additional duty charges when shipping directly from the UK to customers in Europe, which we have arranged to pay for all customers to date ahead of the orders being received.

*We do note that under our terms & conditions the carriage and duty charges are normally the responsibility of the ordering client. However during these unprecedented times we are happy to move the goal posts slightly.

Additional adjustment work if required:
Adjustments if required are being advised to be conducted locally & arranged by us with our adjustment partners.

Postage Costs:

All orders are dispatched via tracked & signed courier either to studio location or home address.  

Remember to update your shipping address within your online account.

Please note all orders will need to be paid in full before being dispatched.


Please note the below costs are shown within the online shopping cart when entering your shipping address & completing your order online.

In-studio: If your order was manually placed without postage. The postage cost will be chargeable ahead of dispatch during local & national Covid-19 restrictions.

Approx. Garment Weight


0.25 KG


0.25 KG


0.50 KG


0.50 KG

Chino/ Corduroy Trouser

0.50 KG


0.50 KG


0.75 KG

2pce Suit

1.0 KG

3pce Suit

1.5 KG


1.0 to 1.5 KG


1.0 to 1.5 KG

Postage / Courier Charges

2 to 5 KG (Ref DHL Box 4)  

1 to 2 KG (Ref DHL Box 4)

0.25 to 1 KG (Ref DHL Box 3)

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