The Suits of John Wick: A Closer Look at the Iconic Style of the Baba Yaga - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Suits of John Wick: A Closer Look at the Iconic Style of the Baba Yaga

The Suits of John Wick: A Closer Look at the Iconic Style of the Baba Yaga


If there's one thing that stands out in the John Wick series other than the thrilling action sequences, it's the impeccable sense of style of the lead character, John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves. In this post, we'll take a closer look at the suits John wears throughout the films, including where they come from and why they've become so iconic.

The Origins of John Wick's Style


The suits worn by John Wick are custom-made by New York-based fashion designer Luca Mosca. It was director Chad Stahelski who brought Mosca onto the project knowing he'd be a perfect fit for the aesthetic that they were aiming for with the character.

Mosca's suits are constructed in the style of bespoke Italian tailoring, designed to perfectly fit the actor's body. In an interview with Amuse, Mosca explained that "Keanu is not a standard body shape. He has a great chest, great shoulders and arms that hang closer to his body. He needs comfort and suppleness to move, but also a clean, tight appearance."

The Style of John Wick's Suits


John Wick is known for his classic and timeless style. His suits are tailored and fitted, but they're not overly tight or constricting. He frequently dons clean, white dress shirts and black silk ties. The color palette for his suits is simple and subdued, featuring mostly shades of gray, navy blue, and black. His suits usually have a two-button design, with peak lapels that have become something of a signature of the character.

The suits are tailored with an eye for detail. John's favorite suit, for instance, is the one he dons in the final scenes of John Wick: Chapter 2, a blue pinstripe double-breasted suit. On closer inspection, this suit has a subtle blood-red lining, representing John's transformation into the "Baba Yaga."


Iconic John Wick Suit Moments

With so much attention paid to detail, it's natural that some of the suit moments in the John Wick series have become iconic.

A standout suit moment is the pairing of John's suit with an armored vest, as shown in many of the film's explosive fight scenes. The armor provides not only protection, but a sleek flair to Wick's already powerful presence.

Another standout suit moment is John's entrance into the Continental Hotel, where Wick's suit is not only a symbol of his status as a hitman, but also his impeccable attention to detail with a distinct black and white color combo.






With every intricate detail paid attention to, it's no wonder John Wick's iconic style has made him a modern day action hero fashion icon. The suits are designed to exude elegance and power, making John Wick's appearance in every scene as dangerous as he is alluring.



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